Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Self, {pumpkin carving edition.}

A few observations and some things to remember for next year:

1. Bella is a shameles photobomber.
2. You should pay more attention to the hubs when taking group pictures because 1}he doesn't like getting his picture taken, and thus,"difficult." and 2} he thinks he's downright hilarious.
3. Pretend laughing is awesome. ALWAYS a good idea when taking pictures.
4. DO NOT {under any circumstances}let your kid wear a shirt WITH HIS SCHOOL'S NAME ON IT while taking pictures that you plan to put on your blog...unless you want to spend 20 some-odd minutes photo-shopping it out... if that's the case, then by all means, let him wear whatever!
5. Put the mop and broom away...or they will be in the corner bugging you when reminiscing about Halloween 2011.
6. Roast pumpkin seeds every year and eat them hot out of the oven. Mmmmm. And don't burn them, kay? Not ever again. They are so yummy when you don't burn them.
7. Don't let the fifteen year old use a knife all by her lone. OR, if you do, have a lot of bandaids on hand.
8. The eight year old can use a knife though. {FACE! Fifteen year old!}
9. Your kid REALLY loves this. {And you REALLY do too.} Don't ever get too busy or too old for this, kay? Not ever. This is important.
10. Make out with the hubs anyway. He can't help it if he's not as photogenic as the rest of your little clan. So be nice.

{FACE! would-be kidnappers. FACE!}



Formerly known as Frau said...

You are cracking me up today! Awesome hubby makes the same face! Hope everyone had a fun halloween!

Celeste said...

K I love you. Also in Kyle's defense, he is working really hard. He appears to have gotten stuck with the crappy job of scrapping everybody's pumpkins out & I believe some strenuous face-making is called for. So yeah. Why don't you make fun of the really awesome guy? (please tell me you've seen Hot Rod)

Jen Nelson said...

Oh I laughed so hard!

I didn't even buy a single pumpkin this year. Parenting fail.

Teachinfourth said...

The fact that you 'censored' each shirt image made me laugh. Of course, that was a lot of work, too.

I don't envy the job you had...

Blackwell said...

Haha hilarious post. love it....and oh the faces. You guys did some serious pumpkin business.