Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear April,

I keep trying to like you, April
but you snowed
{like, a dump load}
on my wedding day10 years ago.
Not cool, April.

But I keep trying to like you anyway...
and you keep disappointing me. 
And just when I decide to let bygones be bygones
and sincerely try to love again,
You go and do something like this: 

and totally redeem yourself!
{Pretty smart of you to get in with the boy.
Cause, as everyone knows:
If you're in with the boy, 
you're in with me.}



Life with Kaishon said...

Seriously Lola! I can't really take any more! One day this week it was 78 and then they are saying it might SNOW on Friday. Is this for real!

Jen Nelson said...

I adore that boy.

I still hate April. Wait, should we hate April or Utah? Cuz I'm kind of already hating Utah...

Miracles Happen said...

Not to snow on your parade but it is going to snow tomorrow and the next day. It really does bite

likeschocolate said...

What is it with Utah these days. It seems like the winters are getting longer. The last time I was there in April it was freezing.