Sunday, March 13, 2011

weekend recap.

What a weekend.

This little dude is officially 
7 months old today.
{Crazy, huh?}
It has all gone by so fast!
And guess who slept through the whole night without nursing even once!
Did you guess Tennyson? Cause if you did, you are SO right. {smartie}
He slept until 4:00 a.m. and then woke up and was chirping a gurgling in his bed,
and I got up {in a groggy-sleepy-stupor} and started wandering into his nursery,
but then I stopped and thought better of it.

He was doing good, so why not see if he could just sing himself back to sleep?

So I did.

And he did!

He woke up at 6:45 {which was technically 7:45 courtesy of DST}

And he was happy as a clam... again!

Oh Dr. Weissbluth, 
how do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways:

1. My baby is now sleeping through the night because of your book..
2. Oh,,  that's all.
{but believe me, that's ENOUGH!}


A Lola letter, if you will:

Dear anonymous person who commented on my couponing post and said that life is too short to be spent wasting time couponing and worrying about a year's supply of food storage,

Did you SEE what happened in Japan over the weekend?

Well, what if that happens in the U.S.?
Oh wait, experts just stated that it's not an IF, it is a WHEN.
And what do we do WHEN huge earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters happen on such a large scale and in so many different areas that there isn't NEARLY enough aid to go around?

And there is no electricity, gas, or water...

What then?

And furthermore, what if the earthquake turns some people into zombies?


Methinks that life won't be "short" enough if one finds oneself unprepared in such a situation...

Just sayin.

As for couponing, well, yes, it CAN take a lot of time, and if I was loaded I probably wouldn't bother. But, we are normal, everyday people with normal, everyday {or even less than the average} incomes and it is HUGELY worth my while to save and even get tons of free stuff {including free medicine - woo hoo!} to stock our emergency supplies. I'm sure it's not for everyone, however, I am more than happy to "waste" my time if it benefits my little ones and loved ones in the long run.

So there.
Neener neener.


A few more Lola letters {if you'll indulge me}:

Dear Charlie Sheen,

You are clearly nuts.
It is sad.

And leave Jon Cryer the heck alone.

I recently heard that you were making a stink about the fact that he hasn't called or contacted you to see if you were okay.

Methinks that mayhaps you should just be grateful that he hasn't dropped by to flip you the bird and burn down your house, a since that is precisely what I would do if you stripped me of my livelihood in one fell swoop because you think it's more important to snort coke, shack up with "goddesses" {a.k.a homely strippers who don't nag you for being a ginormous loser and are therefore the most wonderful, goddess-like people you have ever met}and make delusional home web casts all about winning {duh}.

You are a stinker, Mr. Sheen.
A delusional little stinker.




Dear TV executives
who canceled
"Two and a Half Men",

Yay you!!!!

Not only did Charlie Sheen need a swift kick in the pants, you also needed to stop funding THE most horribly written/acted sitcom in television history.

But DO start a new show with good writing and Jon Cryer in a starring role, yes?

I love ducky.
He is a good guy and should get a great new job.



Dear Hubs,

Back tickles.
Taking out the trash all the time.
My new basement!
My newly cleaned driveway!
Being the cutest dad ever!
Being the best hubs ever!
Hanging all of our beautiful new doors!
Playing fun games with our son!
Changing diapers without me even asking!
Being the full time laundry guru!

Love all that...
{and love you even more.}



May said...

A laundry guru???? WoW!!! You are one lucky woman...:D

imemary said...

I totally had a zombie nightmare the other night. THEY MUST BE food storage.

Jen Nelson said...

I cannot believe he is 7 months old! Make it stop!!!

I am soooo glad you are sleeping through the night! Its magical really! I need to come see your basement after I stop trying to cough up a lung!

Couponing and a food storage is a waste of time? Huh?? I plan to have at least a 6 month supply by the end of the week and a shiny new shot gun :) ya know, just in case of the zombies and all.

Yay food storage!

Amie said...

Why do we not have photos of new door and new basement and such? These seem blogworthy too, though I would never begrudge anyone a disapproving letter to Charlie Sheen. :)

VolleyMom said...

I take all the credit for making Kyle the great, kind, patient man he is. I was an awesomely mean, crazy controlling, bossy "younger" sister who drove him bat poo bananas. He learned how to handle my crazy and it made him a great man for it. So he can handle it when you are drivin' your crazy train-YOU'RE WELCOME, but as for laundry? Who does that? He's a robot. Yup-a robot.

Point #2. I kinda hate zombies-Shouldn't we all have a "just-in-case-end-of-world-zombie" plan? What would it hurt? And I am having fun doing it. Zombie killing gun and all!

the Lola Letters said...

Why do you get anonymous comments? That is so whackadoodle! : )I barely ever get them. Sometimes people will complain about the interviewee and they will leave it anonymously. I think they are nutso
: )

I just left a million comments as you. I like to pretend I really look like this : )

I left one on my blog saying Dear Becky You are my favorite photographer in the world. It made me laugh and laugh!

I love your Dr. too. Or the Dr. Whatever kind he is : )

Love the baby. So delicious. I can hardly stand it.

Love your husband. He is also delicious.

I am too tired to do any more posting or commenting tonight.

Love, Becky as Lola

Teabaggins said...

You leave Two and a Half Men out of this. I loved that show! Sometimes, I didn't know whether or not there was a joke to laugh at (because they are soooooo cleverly written) but then, there would be the sound of the studio audience laughing in the background and then I knew it was time to laugh. "Ahh ha ha ha!" I would say, and that is how I knew that show was funny and great. It was so smart.

Shows like Arrested Development and The Office don't tell me when to laugh so I never do. I didn't even know those were comedies until I read about them online. Sheesh. Bring back Two and a Half (HILARIOUS) Men so we know when to laugh!

Lisa Miller said...

oh that baby is caaaaaaute!

Amara said...

I know I never come here anymore, but I put an "L" into my browser bar and saw your cute blog again :) Love the post! OK --and with the Zombie apocalypse? That's why I exercise. I tell my husband that's how I train --so I can be faster and stronger than the next guy and survive (I know I don't need to be stronger than the zombies --just stronger and faster than the poor slob next to me)! Have a great week Lola!

Anonymous said...

Anon here...didn't mean to sound disparaging of what you do...maybe you're right to store food...who knows. I commented because you said you were "obsessed" with it and so I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Sorry. I don't collect coupons because I end up buying stuff that isn't so great and sometimes I spend more money than less.

the Lola Letters said...

Dear Anon -

It DID come off a little disparaging, BUT I really am just playin' with ya. {hence the "neener neener" - I would NEVER say any of that in seriousness.}

I AM a little obsessed, but obsessed in a fun, "really enjoying this totally random hobby" sort of way rather than "a doomsday, scared, miserable, not being able to sleep at night" one.

Your comment was polite enough.

Sorry I gave you a hard time - I was kidding too.

I do wish that EVERYONE would consider some SERIOUS emergency preparedness though. I guess that's why I wanted to blog about it. The more of us that prepare, the more there will be to help those who don't, and hopefully that will be enough...or at least close.

Carly, Bryce and Coen! said...

After seeing all of you Blackwells joining in on and seriously cashing in on the couponing, it was determined to do it! granted i'm not getting nearly the amazing deals as you guys, maybe it's in the genes??, but I am saving a decent amount of money on each trip! I literally don't have the TIME to find all of the killer deals and get gobs of free stuff, yes i know how ridiculous that must seem... however, i do make my grocery list and then go thru my binder of coupons and clip all that I need. I'm also shopping at Winco which by the way is utterly financially amazing! and after handing in coupons and having the total drop even further, I am quite thrilled to have dropped my monthly grocery bill by about $100! hooray! go me!!

C Stevens said...

So I was reading the Springville newsletter...(Yeah I do that). and they must have read your blog because the main article was about the rules to have a chickens. Apparently we don't qualify. I am assuming everyone in Springville started buying chickens once you said you were going to get some.