Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A few random thoughts...

The next few days are kinda gonna be nuts... So I am going to blog as much as I can, when I can. For now, here are a few random thoughts/updates.
1. I am loving this shot that my friend Rocio shared over at Communal Global today. I want to print this out and frame it and hang it on my wall. It makes me super happy.
2.I am eating way too much sugar again. Oprah had a show on doing Vegan-ism for seven days and then showed a video of a slaughterhouse for beef. {Ew. and Sad.} It almost made me jump on board...almost. Do they have a support group in the valley for people who consume mass-amounts of Butterfinger Minis?
3. I want to paint and spray paint stuff so bad lately! I feel like I might go crazy. I don't think I should because it's FREEZING outside and I won't be able to properly ventilate my house... so I am TRYING to wait until March...but it might kill me.
4. I crafted it up and made our "February Tree" to try and help ease the need to create. It worked...for roughly 24 hours, but now I need another fix. I am thinking that making a banner like this might be just what the doctor ordered. Do you LOVE that? I LOVE it.
and finally...
5. My friend Natasha had a little "going away playdate party" thing earlier this week. They are moving to Texas. This makes me want to bawl. {Like, hard.} I can't even talk about it.


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no! I feel so bad about your friend leaving. My best friend Jen moved last January and I still haven't got over it! Seriously!

: ( I love that you love that picture so much. You make me smile.

I love the baby. I want to gobble him up!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love Rocio picture too! I wanted to spray paint a few things and hate waiting last week the sun came out and I painted a basket even though my hubby said it was too cold...I defiant that way and inpatient. Sorry your friend is moving thank goodness for Skype and email its a life saver.

Natasha Ireland said...

Tears, right now as I watch American u Lola. Ps we totally should skype. I have ur new guest bed ready. Everything bought new :)