Sunday, January 16, 2011

30 days of truth {day 7}

Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living for.
{This is an easy one... and it is in no particular order...}

{okay, this first one is SORT of in a particular order.}
I love this man of mine.
He is my number one, and yes, that pose is a total joke. His fantastic sense of humor {You know, the kind that has me laughing so hard that my nostrils flare and tears come out of my face and we end up talking and laughing till 2:00 a.m. and he makes me forget why I was sad, or stressed out, or what have you? Yeah, that kind.} so sealed the deal for me nearly ten years ago when I decided he was it for me and I was it for him and...well...this was IT...and such. {Ew, I think I said "it" too many times and now all I can think about is that terrible, sharp toothed clown who lives in a make believe rain gutter. Stephen King, you are one messed up little dude, you know that?}
I know it's hard to imagine WHY, but yeah, this kiddo SO makes life worth living for.
{And he keeps it super interesting to boot!} My FAVORITE
My niece and nephew are EDIBLE, and the funniest kids I have ever met.
Bryan is SOOOO gonna get his,
and it makes the rest of us, really hard.
{and to be fair, I'm sooo getting mine as well. Kort talks my ear off day and night and is so incredibly dramatic, it will make your head spin...sound familiar, anyone?}
They are some of the cutest. kids. on. the. planet. of. earth.
All together now!
And the dogs? Well, if I'm being honest, it's just nice to have loyal subjects who worship you day in and day out. Vain? Sure. Petty? Well okay, I guess it is. But it's the truth, and that's what we're here for, right folks? Right.
This big brother makes me smile all day.
What a peach of a boy he is.
And my parents?
Best EVER!
This Christmas?
Best EVER!
My mom worked so incredibly hard.
And spoiled the kiddos AND the adults so incredibly much.
My parents are saints.
End of story.
{P.s. LOVE how Tentens is schmoozing the crowd in that shot!}
I LOVE my in-laws too!
Saints. The whole lot of them!
They are such wonderful grandparents.
MaryLee is always doing thoughtful things for me and EVERYONE in her life.
Jim is Kort's best buddy.
He is selfless and patient and we just could not ask for a
more wonderful grandfather for our kids.

Then, there's the REST of my Blackwell side of the family.
{I thought NOW would be a good time to share our gift exchange photos from Christmas.}
Rachelle got a snowman sweatshirt,
Drew got a picture of the United States and a bald eagle... CRYING!
{Yep, crying. Best Christmas gift EVER. And not just because I'm the one who gave it to him ;)}
Drew and Rachelle thought this gift exchange provided the PERFECT opportunity to rid their closets of grossy/inappropriate bridal shower gifts from 2 years ago. So the hubs got this. Awesome. {That is his "creepy guy holding a gross box of stuff" face.}
Kyle got Bryan a shirt of a hard-core road biker that is morphing into an eagle-wolf thing in the bottom corner and it says "Ride Free." Okay, that is a contender for the crying eagle...but comes up JEEEUST short of victory.
Trevor got theeee most incredible "spooky" Halloween vest EVER.
Julia also had the misfortune of being "drawn out" by Drew and Rachelle, so, she, too got a delightful treasure from Rachelle's trashy bridal shower stash! ha ha! Playboy Lotion?! What a fun, sexy time for her! {and if you don't watch/memorize/worship Arrested Development, that last statement may seem random, and I apologize.}
Bryan and Cristi gave me a puzzle... OF THEM! ha ha! The icing on the cake was the fact that I HATE puzzles and harassed Cristi for working on one throughout the entire Christmas Vacation. She was SO PLEASED WITH HERSELF when I opened her present on Christmas Eve.
Trevor had this "de-motivator" picture made for Cristi. It is a shot of Lily screaming bloody murder and Jack looking terrified and says "Santa Claus: The kids love him." And she doesn't have a trucker gut, rather, it is a womb nugget. Yay! I can't believe I get another nephew.

So, there you have it.
That's the gospel truth.


Celeste said...

Love it! The whole post! And by the by, did you know that you've never ever ever looked more beauteous than in that pic of Tens' birth? I think I told you that once before, so excuse me if I sound stalker-y, but for real, quit covering your freckles up, I beg of you. Soooo beautiful.

~j. said...

I love this post, of course, and I have to say: Did I know that you and I have Arrested Development in common? I am not joking: I watch some EVERY DAY. Every day. (It's in the banana stand.)

VolleyMom said...

Oh you forgot to thank your wonderful sister in law, who you can't live without, who treats you like a sister and lifts you up...EVEN when you're riding the CRAZY train. Detour, detour!!! Here's a pillow for a soft landing! YOUR WELCOME.

trevandjules said...

ha ha! I love that puzzle!