Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 days of truth {day 5}

{Bubbuh wasn't too sure about this whole "new baby" thing,
but today he cannot get enough Tentens!
It looks as though they are friends at last.}

Something you hope to do in your life.

Oh, so many things...
I'm going to pick one.
{even though it might kill me.}

I hope to buy a beach house for my family on the coast of North Carolina.
And I hope to wake up at dawn,
get the boys {lots of them} out of bed,
put sweaters on with swimsuits,
get baskets from the front porch,
get the dogs,
hit the beach,
and gather every sea shell within a half mile.

And I hope to do this every single morning.

I hope to have all of our NC friends out to visit.
I hope to sit around the dining room table,
laughing till we cry,
nibbling off of old plates
and telling old stories,
that only get better
with each repetition.

And I hope to have pancake breakfasts that last till noon.

And I hope to watch hundreds of sunsets with my love.

And I hope to surprise my family with airplane tickets on Christmas
and announce that we are all going to vacation there as a whole family,
every year, no exceptions.

{so, act surprised, mmmkay, family?}

And I hope to have grandchildren visit us there.

And I hope to do pajama aerobics in the front yard
{holla, Dan in Real Life!}

And I hope to go on morning jogs with Bubs and Bells,
and laugh as Bubbuh dives into the waves
while Bella barks like a neurotic egg-head
who simply cannot believe ANY dog would
EVER want to do such a thing...

{I mean, I OBVIOUSLY haven't really given it "much" thought, but, there it is.}


Formerly known as Frau said...

I hope you do that someday soon! I would love to live near a beach and walk it everyday! Have a wonderful day I love the Bubbah and baby boo are friends!

Tezzie said...

Beautiful dream...I hope it comes true for you <3

I heart Bubbuh...and Tennyson is looking more and more like his mama every day :D

Amie said...

Ah... I was on that beach with you for a minute. Keep talking about your dream that way, and you'll end up with a whole bunch of neighboring beach houses. :)

sostinkinhappy said...

What a wonderful dream! We absolutely *love* the NC shores & OBX is one of our favorite places on this whole big planet. Our last vacation down there we brought back the best souvenir evah! We call her Penelope Rose :).

Travis Erwin said...

Well said.

Jeff and Jessie said...

Okay, you've convinced me. I am doing the truth thingy too. I hate being honest with myself. I like living the dream...

Jeff and Jessie said...
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ms. marginalia said...

I love the way your write and paint scenes with your words. Your North Carolinian idyll sounds wonderful!

I can almost smell the ocean and hear your sons running around on the beach.


Christina said...

Gah! Baby cheeks!!!

I'd love to live near the ocean (well, closer than an hour anyway)...and your depiction of your dream was lovely. :)