Sunday, December 19, 2010

T.V. {and such}

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I had so much fun at channel 2 news last Friday morning! Everyone was super friendly, plus I got all the free Starbucks hot chocolate I wanted from a big shiny machine in the back. As all of you know, the Provo Tabernacle caught fire around 2:00 a.m. that morning, so they were extra busy with breaking news on the status of the fire and kept having to kill my segments.

It was okay, I totally understood {I would want to be able to turn on my t.v. and find out what was going on with the fire too!} People kept coming over to talk to me in the lobby {where my segment was set up to air} and saying "We are so sorry, we just never know what's going to happen with breaking news..." and I was like... "You obviously aren't a stay at home mom, because I am THRILLED to just BE here, in cute-and-spit-up-free-clothes, sipping free hot chocolate, wearing way too much make up, blinking an extra lot to make full use of my fake eyelashes, and messing with my bangs every two to three minutes. So exciting I tell ya, pure bliss!"

Debbie was awesome to shoot the segment with, she is fun, smart, and way easy to talk to.

You can go here to see the "hit" {that's what they call it in "the biz," you know}

You can also visit to see the bucket list tree and also to get the Christmas Bucket List.

Oh, and due to the fact that my bffs are totally bugged with the one way conversation I am having with myself these days, {ending with a text from Celeste saying "disabled comments = lame" yesterday} comments will now be turned back on. ;) Having a one-way conversation with myself might actually be worse than what I was worried about in the first place.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Celeste said...

C'mon Laura, we all know & love you, so I think it's safe to say that this girl (you) can talk. Right? You have the blessed ability to keep even a one way conversation entertaining for all parties involved. But that doesn't mean you should. ;) it's like you were saying about TenTens, sometimes I just love you so much that I feel like I'll explode if I can't tell you about it in a concise little blog comment.