Sunday, December 12, 2010

To do: This week

1. Throw a ward Christmas party for over 300 people.
2. Set tables.
3. Scrub and foil wrap 300 potatoes.
4. Deliver 300 foil wrapped potatoes to various volunteers for baking.
5. Run 50 (out of 144) "reminder" flyers around your neighborhood.
6. Call reminders out to everyone who offered to bring side dishes or desserts.
7. Help Kortland write a 15-30 minute report about Zambia...due tomorrow.
8. Help Kortland find loads of pictures for everything his report...put these into a power point tomorrow.
9. Call the pianist.
10. Throw one heck of a huge party.
11. Clean up one heck of a huge party.
12. Go home and fall on your face.
13. Get up off of your face and help Kort finish his report.
14. Take Tennyson to his 4 month appointment.
15. Shop your guts out for roughly one whole hour - you know - since you haven't done any {ANY!} of your Christmas shopping yet. {What are you thinking?!}
16. Meet mom and give her a bunch of dresses.
17. Race home to set up Kortland's power point at the school and click through each photo as he gives the report.
18. Pass around cute little papers for Kort's class to make special notes for their teacher as a surprise for her birthday.
19. Go home and bind those papers in a book. Wrap the book.
20. Assemble a bunch of stuff for your morning news spot. {Yes, a morning news spot, this Friday, how cool is that?!}
21. Take your friend to early lunch for her berfday.
22. Try {and try and try and try} to locate a cute outfit for yourself to wear on the early morning news show. One that helps minimize your ginormous, um, new-mommie-ness-of-the-chestal-region and helps you look like a polished, lovely person rather than the wretched {albeit BLISSFULLY happy} mommy that you currently are.
23. Get a huge birthday cake for Kort's teacher.
24. Get a gallon of milk, little cups, little plates, lots of napkins, and a few streamers and balloons for good measure.
25. Put above things in teacher's room during lunch break.
26. Say "Surprise!" when she comes in from lunch.
27. Try not to freak out too much about your morning news "spot" on Friday. Your hair is thin, but it's going to be fine. Your boobs are huge, but it's nothing that six sports bras can't tame. You look like death warmed over when you get up at the crack of dawn, but really, there's nothing you can do about that one, so just smile and do your best.
28. Go to bed, like, right now. Do it, dummy. Tentens is up at six, and thus, so are you. Why are you still typing this? Seriously, stop typing and go to b --


Lindsay said...

Boy I'm feeling a whole lot better about my week! I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet either.

Chris White said...

I read your blog... then I read the Sunday Funnies: