Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why I am awesome. (And, like, such as, the Iraq...)

Kortland brought a note home from school saying that he needed to prepare a 15-30 minute report/presentation thingy about the country of his choice. This is to help the students learn about another culture. The food, the clothing, the music, the traditions...etc. So, I asked Kort what country he wanted to report on. He said Africa.

So, what did I write in the blank on the paper that said

"Country student would like to report on _____________?"


I wrote Africa.

I didn't even give it a second thought.

It was only when Kort came home with his report kit, and a note saying that he was approved to report on the "country of Africa" that I went

"Oh. my. duh!"

Africa is not a country.
Africa is a continent.
Zambia, Uganda, and Egypt are countries.
Africa? Not so much.

It's basically the equivalent of someone saying:
"What state do you want to report on?"

and me saying:
"North America!"

ha ha!

His teacher is sure gracious.

You know, for letting us report on the whole continent of Africa...
I think we're gonna need more than 30 minutes though...

I need a nap.
Or a full-half-night of sleep.
And like, such as.