Thursday, September 9, 2010


Thoughts on Tennyson's Blessing:

* I was SUPER grateful that we got Tentens dressed, fed, and to the church on time.

* I was also SUPER grateful that he fell fast asleep, and therefore did not scream or cry through the blessing...not that he screams or cries all that much anyway... but I sure was grateful that he didn't pick THAT particular moment to start!

* The hubs gave him SUCH a beautiful blessing.

* Kort was an angel through all of it. (yay!)

* It was wonderful to have so many friends and loved ones there to share in the celebration.

* Being in the same room with roughly 60 of your most favorite people on the planet, and not getting a chance to see/talk to MOST of them is pretty much my own personal version of hell. Between cooking tacos, making sure the ghetto juice got put out, and feeding the baby, I didn't get to visit NEARLY as much as I would have liked. Oh well. We'll just have to have more Taco Sundays...

* I took a minimum of 150 pictures of Kort's blessing day, and it is SUPER depressing that this (below) is the ONLY picture I got of Tentens' special day... Welcome to "second-child-ness" Tentens. Get used to it. (Your mom knows a thing or two about it, and she PROMISES to try really hard NOT to "second-child" you too bad, okay?)

Thoughts on Tennyson in General:

*He REALLY IS kind of a big deal... I'm just sayin'...
(Thanks for the onsie, Sharese! We LOVE it! Could. not. be. more. fitting.)

* His amazingly huge smiles turn me to a puddle of love goo.
* He has the sniffles, and it is so sad! (and so cute...I'm not gonna lie...)
* He smiled st Kort the other day. It was no ordinary smile either. He has never smiled at anyone the way he smiled at Kort. It was so big, and so bright, and so utterly endearing... I don't think Kort will ever be the same. That was a deal-clincher right there.
* I cannot believe we are a family of four. FOUR!
* He has decided to stop sleeping through the night for now. Staying awake and staring and smiling up at mom is way more fun in his opinion. (His mother tends to agree... even though she looks something akin to a zombie most days.)

Thoughts on freshly bathed, nearly toothless, soccer-playin' big brothers who dote lovingly on their much loved/wanted/anticipated baby brothers:

* They are sort of awesome.

Thoughts about completely random things...or just thoughts on the new hit show "The Bachelor Pad":

* We are watching the new "Bachelor" spin off show called "The Bachelor Pad."

* I liked Tenley when I saw her on "The Bachelor." I got the impression that she was sweet. She should have quit while she was ahead.

* Now, I cannot STAND her!!! She is clearly the most eerily conniving, fake, creepy little blond person I have ever seen. It's like watching a Stepford Wife with the voice of a chipmunk go around pretending to be innocent and dumb and crying at the drop of a hat if anyone even thinks about being mean to her or her friends but then, while you're watching, you get the uneasy feeling that she knows EXACTLY what she's doing and then you sort of want to step on her face. Then, you realize that you probably wouldn't know WHICH face to step on... so you should just steer clear of someone like that.

* She baby talks to her "boyfriend-guy" Kiptyn. (KIPTYN? Seriously? Kiptyn?) I guess I can officially feel okay about naming my kid Tennyson. (Don't worry, I already did.) Anytime someone tells me (or simply implies) that that's an odd choice, I'm going to pat myself on the back and say "At least I didn't name him Kiptyn).

*Kiptyn sounds like a brand of puppy treats... I'm just sayin.

* Okay, this is just getting mean. Time to regroup. Actually, it's time to stop and do the whole "Sleep while the baby is sleeping!", off I go. Okay, but just let me say that...

* Really, I don't mean to be so rude about Tenley. It's just that piles and heaps of feigned sincerity/vulnerability mingled with a chipmunk voice and more baby talk than I ever want to hear coming out of a 26 year old woman sort of terrifies me on a level that I can't really adequately express. I think it's the sort of form that Satan would take to be all sorts of "trixy" and lead the whole world down to hell without anyone even knowing what he was up to and such.

* Her voice also makes me want to tear my ears off and running screaming off the nearest cliff.

*I'm actually embarrassed that I even admitted to watching that show (I think it's pretty poorly planned/executed, and I am super bummed that really mean, click-ish people are the only ones left standing. Boo to that.)

*REALLY embarrassed that I admitted to watching that show.

*I'd feel better about admitting that I am totally addicted to "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and every. single. "The Real Desperate Housewives of... insert random/different location here"

*Which, (ahem) I'm totally NOT addicted to, of course. I would never (um) ever watch something so mind-numbingly shallow. (You know, unless there was nothing else which case I would maybe just watch an entire marathon... not that I've ever done that *more than 10 or so times* or anything.)

* Okay, for SURE haven't done that more than 20 times though. For sure not more than twenty (and definitely not more than 30).

* I'm tempted to delete this part... but in the name of "Keepin' it real, I guess I won't.

Any thoughts on your mind today?


Kristina P. said...

Tennyson is so cute. And clearly, Kort is an amazing brother.

And as far at Tenley, YES!!! She drives me crazy!! She's like an annoying Disney princess.

Amber said...

Your baby is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!! I feel the exact same way about Tenly and the Bachelor Pad in general. I thought that her and Jake would have had a perfectly boring life together and that is how is should have ended. haha, good times :)

Chris Sambrano said...

Can I just say that Tennyson is adorable and cute!! Along with Kort, so darling...very cute family. Happy for you:)

Sole Sister Salma said...

You are hilarious really. I love your thoughts Lola...little baby's growing up, and big brother is so lovely.

You are one lucky mama.