Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This boy of mine.

Ever since Mr. Tennyson made his grand entrance into the world (and into our little family), we have been waiting for behavior problems to start with Kort. Sure, he wanted this baby as much as (if not more than) the rest of us, but we figured there would come a point where this would get old, and he would be re-thinking the whole "Yay for a new baby brother!" idea.
{First day of school}

Well, that time hasn't come just yet, and we are in awe. Kort rushes home from school, washes his hands, and asks to hold his brother. He smiles and coos and talks in a really hilarious, high-pitched voice and says things like "Oh baby, who's a good, good boy?" and "Hi my sweet baby!" and when Tennyson opens his eyes (which he does quite often when his big brother talks to him) Kort says "Oh baby! Who's awake! Hello there little baby brother!" We just couldn't be happier with how well he is adjusting.
One of my favorite things he is doing lately is asking every. single. person. who stops in to come out to the front yard and watch him hit baseballs. I guess the benefit of being a seven year old (rather than a two or three year old) with a new baby, is that he can ask for attention when he needs it. And I am going to brag for a second and just say that the kid hits a mean baseball as well. ;)
But my favorite thing that has happened so far this school year has to be what went down last night. Now, I have to say, when we met his new teacher last week, I was so. relieved. She is really pretty, and soft-spoken, and sweet (JUST the type of person that Kort needs) and she is already exceeding any and all expectations. He has had some problems with talking to his friends too much during class, (is he my kid or what?) but she has been very patient with him. So, last night, I missed a phone call (no surprise there...) and it was his teacher. She left a message, and do you know what she said?

She said "I just wanted to let you know that Kortland was so GREAT today!" (Did you hear that, folks? "So great.") "He listened to instructions, sat very quietly, and helped me out several times throughout the day. So, I just wanted to let you know how proud of him I am and how well he is doing and I just wanted you to give him a big hug for me!"

Yeah, that's what she said. I wanted to bawl. Kort was in the tub when I retrieved the message. I gave the phone to the hubs. He listened to the message, smiled from ear to ear, and then took the phone into the bathroom and played the message for Kort. Then he took Kort's face in his hands and put his cheek to Kort's cheek and whispered "I am so proud of you!" And when the hubs pulled away, Kort's eyes were filled with tears. (Precious, right?)

The hubs came into the living room (where I was feeding Tentens yet again...) and told me about his reaction. Then I was crying. And the hubs was man-crying (you know, with watery eyes but none of the out-and-out bawling that I am prone to engage in).

Thank heaven for a teacher who is so inspired and loving, and knows exactly what Kort needs to thrive. As his mother, I can tell you this: Punishment and disapproval do not work with Kort. When we try to use them as teaching devices, he simply puts a wall up, and his behavior even worsens. BUT, when we give him unconditional love, and focus on and praise the things he is doing right...well, he does things right a LOT more often! I'm so glad his teacher figured that out before the second week of school even came to a close! What a smart lady, and what a blessing to boot!


"Miss Kris" said...

Oh boy! That gave me tears, Laura! My goodness. Thank you That's a lot of inspiring stuff to think about.

Suki said...

I have watery eyes too now. I am so proud of your big boy!