Tuesday, August 17, 2010

today i was thinking...

1. wow, mr. tennyson sure is cute.
2. 3 1/2 hours of sleep is not very much sleep, and that's the most sleep i've gotten since thursday...
3. i really really really don't want to get up, get dressed and take tentens to his pediatric appointment.
4. hmmm...what on earth am i going to wear?
5. none of my maternity jeans fit (too big)
6. none of my normal jeans fit (too small...and depressingly so, i might add.)
7. the only pair of reasonably decent stretchy pants i have are dirty. (and i am not a picky girl here, folks. these, days, they would have to be pretty nasty to get passed up on a public outing with yours truly and indeed, they were.)
8. wait, i know, complain to the hubs about it. that always helps.
9. "i don't have ANYTHING to wear!" i say.
10. to which the hubs replies: "wear the rock and republic maternity jeans. they have an adjustable waistband you can make tighter." (see? told ya that always helps)
11. get the rock and republics out.
12. put them on.
13. success! now, what to do for a shirt...?
14. you see, i have a fun little (ha ha, yeah, "little." ri-ight...) pooch in the front of my body where a beautiful, miraculous, wiggly little baby used to reside. now it is just a nasty bump. an empty, fatty, stretched out-nasty bump. so what am i going to do about that?
15. search the closet.
16. search some more.
17. resist the urge to break down into tears.
18. search some more.
19. finally stumble upon a peasant-style shirt with a loose, flowy tummy region. perfect!
20. put it on.
21. it has long sleeves, but who cares, it's hiding baby bob's fatty, stretched-out, totally abandoned dwelling. that's all that really matters at this point.
22. push the sleeves up and regroup. no one is going notice that i am wearing jeans, ballet flats, and a long sleeved t-shirt in the middle of august, right?
23. right.
24. no big deal. now on to make up - surely lots of THAT will help make you look like you've gotten more than a total of 8 hours of sleep in the last four days. surely.
25. the hubs is looking at me funny.
26. "babe," (he says, eye-ing my ensemble) "it's going to be over 90 degrees outside today."
27. that's all he said. seriously, but uh oh. that was all it took.
28. tears.
29. followed by sobs.
30. like, the kind of sobs you would expect to hear when you tell someone that their cat died...or their house burned down, or that brad and angelina called it quits - for good this time. (you know, those kind.)
31. sobs so uncontrollable, they shake my entire frame.

32. then the rambling and ranting begins:
"i have nothing to wear."
"i look like a slob!"
"i. am. so. tired."
"if they try to stick one more damn needle in my baby's heel, somebody is going to die today!!!!!"

33. the hubs is in total shock. who knew that a comment about the weather could be so utterly abusive?
34. my mom walks into the room.
35. she is CONFUSED.
36. i am sobbing too hard to explain. when she asks me what's wrong, all i manage to shriek out is: "it's going to be 90 DEGREES TODAY!!!!!"
37. this does not help her to be any less confused, whatsoever.
38. i find a loose, flowy, gray shirt with SHORT sleeves and put it on instead.
39. so, i am thinking that if i thought the ups and downs of pregnancy were fun...i get the distinct feeling that the postpartum days ahead are going to be just as exciting...if not more so.
40. who's with me?

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val said...

Thank you so much for sharing your heart in this post! For someone who doesn't have kids (yet) I love getting insights on things that we women just have to go through. You definitely made me smile!

Maddy said...

Awww Lola!! I'm so impressed that you have it in you to post even after the crazy few days you've been through! But selfishly, I'm so glad you're keeping us in the loop about Baby Tentens...hehee!! I like that nickname ;o) And no worries, you'll be smokin' hot in no time!! You were just radiant throughout your pregnancy, so I'm sue you'll be back to your regular self in no time!

J.R. and Tammy said...

I don't miss that part of having a baby! My sweet baby Ruby was born on Friday the 13th 9 months ago! Must be a lucky day! Congrats on the two healthy, cute boys in your life!

Aubry Macbean said...

I hear ya. There are still days I want to break down and cry because tops or bottoms are still too small. With Mackenzie I was back into normal clothes by 4 months. Ethan it took until 6 months to get to my almost regular clothes. Still trying to loose the last of the baby fat. Hormones that like to take you o a wild ride don't help either.

Jeff and Jessie said...

Aaahhh. Sigh. The lovely postpartum days. Those are the days when my hubs swears off another baby. EVER. Then we 'forget' how hard they are. Hang in there. Don't try and do everything! Hang out in those comfies-even at the dr. office-all the other new moms are wearing them too.

Jeff and Jessie said...

oh, and anyone who tells you sleep is overrated has never had theirs disrupted by an adorable, kissable sleep disturbing tyrant.

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

How did I miss this news? Congratulations!! And hope the 3rd day blues don't last too long ;)

Oh ~ and Ten is GORGEOUS!

Jen Nelson said...

I love you. so. much.

And seriously Tennyson is so cute it hurts to look at him. I get butterflies so bad it physically hurts. In a good way. And I like it. I'll come see you soon :)

Angela said...

What a great post!!!

Ashley Koz said...

Lol this post made my day, I just love you! And you could wear a garbage bag, after no sleep right after having a baby and still look amazing because you are... well gorgeous!

Christy said...

oh I so know exactly what you are talking about! hang in there!

Life with Kaishon said...

Lola! Now, I hate to yell at you because you just had the baby, but ARE YOU SERIOUS! Your fat and poochy stomach is so tiny and I know you look radiant : ) I am sure the Dr. thought you were the most gorgeous new Mommy he had ever seen!

I love you and your SKINNY self.

Love, Fat Becky with a pouch that is NOT from pregnancy. Darn it! XO

PS I made you number 1 on the linky so everyone could see your delicious TenTen