Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday morning.

kort and i let daddy sleep in this morning. he had a looooong day yesterday. we spent the early morning slicing strawberries and watching a movie about the armies of helaman (twice). then came the pancakes. just as we pulled the last cake from the griddle, kort said. "i know! let's eat them outside for a picnic!"
my first instinct was to say no. i'm glad i didn't listen to it.
we soaked up the warm sunshine and talked about things that mattered to him. school, mote-digging, friends, and most importantly - jokes. he sure loves telling jokes.
we made the dogs stay inside. they did not appreciate it. but, as good as they want to be...they can't really behave themselves around pancakes, syrup, and strawberries...on the ground, no less.
now we're off to put together puzzles..and color pictures...
happy sunday.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely start to your Sunday Laura. I got some good son bonding time myself today!

Anonymous said...

How fun! A great start to a Sunday.

Tezzie said...

How lovely!!! We had a picnic today, too :D First we went for a nice walk 'exploring' the forest, and when we came back we had our lunch outside on a picnic blanket in the kids' sandboat. Boy sailed us to Canada...

Chris Sambrano said...

Laura, you have got to be one of the cutest bloggers out there. You're so creative and bring a breath of fresh air to everything you say and put on your blog:) I feel so blessed, as you do, for my family. I love them all so much. Take care, Chris

Rachel said...

You are such an awesome Mommy! I love stuff like that!

Stacey 18 said...

It looks like a fun way to spend time. Love the spotty plate.