Thursday, March 25, 2010


So, while I think that little boy accessories are the best, I find that they are somewhat limited. Beanies, and cool shoes, and...anything else? Oh, yes. I do love me a good, tiny, gray wool pea coat as well. But as you can see, my options are fairly limited! Perhaps this is why I have become positively obsessed with baby booties! (And no, these aren't your grandma's baby booties!, those are totally cute too though, grandma. Love you!) I have been searching for "all things bootie" like crazy and found a really fun Etsy shop! I ordered two pair from Curious Wormanship . These:

cowboy boots (sz 0-3 months). shut. up. cuteness.
eskimo boots (sz 12 months). stop. it. right. now.
Then, I realized that I could custom order whatever I wanted from her shop, (whatever I WANTED!!) and dreamed up these:

my own dreamy ~chocolate~ version of "ugg" boots...
only cuter, in my humble opinion.
and then I ordered up an extra custom pair for a dear friend who is also having a little dude, so they can be twinners (because we all know how much boys love cutsie things like "matching booties" and such!) I'm sure gonna have a lot of 'splainin to do to Baby Bob someday...but in the meantime...

I'm out of control...and I don't care.
I've waited a right-long-while to revel in the deliciousness of all things baby, so I am going to revel dang it! Revel till the cows come home and people stop reading my blog out of sheer boredom/annoyance. Because I just can't seem to help myself...

Which reminds me, if I buy an Etsy Pattern that is supposed to teach me how to make these, is there anyone out there who can teach me how to crochet? (You know, without wanting to pull their hair out and run screaming into the hills 10 minutes into our tutoring session... anyone? ...anyone?)

In other news:

1. I am working on a fun giveaway series titled
"Lola's Favorite Things: 5 Days of Giveaways!"
(Because honestly, what is a good mommy blog without a nice, solid bite off of something Oprah does every once in awhile? Answer: Bor-ing!) This giveaway is to celebrate 50,000 hits (well, almost) on my little blog-a-log!The creator at Curious Workmanship has just told me that she would be happy to donate a pair of booties (of their choice) to the winner of her give away day! How nice is she? Stay tuned for details that are coming soon!

2. The "I could 'do without' sex" ANSWER post is finally finished!
Sheesh. I am a talky kind of gal, I'll tell you what. Go here to read (or skim) it. Or just go there to take one look at it and say:
"There is no way in cuddly kittens (or insert alternative explitive of choice here_____) that I am reading that sucker!"

Either way...I promised I would do it, and I did. There it is.

With love,


Barbaloot said...

Those are dang cute!!! I go through crochet phases. I may have to look up patterns on that next time I feel the urge.

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

I am still knitting the baby blanket I started 13 years ago...yep, before my daughter was born. <

These are gorgeous, I just told hubby yesterday that I want to start knitting again. My daughter crotchets and I would love to do it with her.

Jill said...

I would be willing to donate a free massage at my spa for your give-away!

Jill Christensen