Monday, March 8, 2010

Dogism of the Day

I'm starting a new "Dogism of the Day" feature because... well, because dogs are clearly awesome. (and better, and nicer, and smarter than we humans in pretty much every way.) This new feature will most certainly have MANY odes to Bella and Bubbuh, but also a few "guest stars" as well. Come to think of it, if you'd like your dog to be featured, feel free to email his/her/their pictures to me at (Yay us!) And now, The Lola Letters proudly presents: It's first Dogism. (I figured we'd rely on an old favorite for the big kick off.)


"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." –Anonymous

(I'm going to try and remember this one, mmmkay? Not going to make any promises, but hey - I'm committing to give it the old college try. And for the record, at least I'm not wagging my tongue about my friends...just random people who lie/cheat/judge/steal/bug me in general...that's at least a start, in my humble opinion.)

Oh! and don't forget to find out what women around the world are listening to today.


jdcoughlin said...

I love this blog. I love your pictures and your voice and your take it or leave it, and especially now Bubbuh. Got to come back more often and check out more of your humble opinions. For sure.

Ashley Koz said...

I just love that Bubbuh! If you want to feature a total punk/turd but none the less awesome dog Beef Stew could be your man :)

Tezzie said...

What a clever idea!! Love dogisms :D (and dogs, for that matter). If I get a good one of Linus, you're welcome to 'feature' him...when Bella and Bubbuh want to take a break from fame, that is! LOL