Sunday, March 21, 2010

Craft Sundays...

Oh, I love 1:00 church on Sundays...
I know, it's like, the worst time slot ever for moms with little ones, (you know, little ones who usually take afternoon naps, and tend to get cranky when they skip them) ...but it is sort of heaven for moms with "big ones."
And I'm not going to only have a "big one" for long (yay Baby Bob!) so we are soaking these delicious Sunday mornings right up, as if they were our last...for indeed, they sort of are...
Long Sunday mornings are the best.
We sleep in.
We make pancakes.
We stay in jammies until 12:45 (which...admittedly, is pushing it).
We make glitter pictures...And wall murals made up of the center of an empty wrapping paper roll taped to the dining room wall, and an .88 cent case of Crayola watercolors.
And my little boy never fails to plaster a big
"I love you"
(yes, for his mom)
on at least one of his masterpieces.
I'm a lucky mom...
with a yummy little boy...
who makes wonderful creations...
and reasonably large messes...
and gleans quite a heaping helping of
from the whole crafting process.

That really makes me love craft Sundays.
Because I really love him.

Sure, the glitter in my carpet (and hair, and nails, and slippers, and socks, and on the moulding, and in the tiny cracks in the old hardwood floor, and...) will still be around post-nuclear holocaust (along with cockroaches and Twinkies). But I say...

it's still worth it!


Sarah said...

What a sweet post! I wish we had church at 1:00!! We are always late to our 10:50 -- 1 would be great!

C Stevens said...

Do you accept Saturday night sleep overs? I could go for a Sunday morning like that!

Tezzie said...

Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet! What a wonderful way to spend Sunday mornings. And your boy is absolutley adorable! (as for jammies past noon...ahem...let's just say we've gone longer...the kids get confused when I ask them to change into a DIFFERENT set of pj's for night night "but, mamma...we've ALREADY wearing pyjamas"!)

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Wonderful post, your son is amazing really.

I just wanted to stop in a see how you are (pregnancy wise). I am inspired by all things pregnancy related.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love your blog! I also love 1:00 church...9:00 and I don't get along. ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

Lola! I just love this! I am so excited you have these special times. Is he excited about the new baby? I know you will all adjust perfectly to your new little human! This made me smile! so perfect!