Wednesday, February 17, 2010

today was a day that started like any other. our devoted doggies watched longingly out the window as their boy trotted off to school.
then, i snuck a moment (like one, tiny second) of quiet time before the first shift of kids (yes, i said the first shift...because there were two...sort of) i had agreed to babysit today made their arrival. during this moment, i read 2 whole pages of a fun new novel a good friend gave to me and chugged hot chocolate laced with about 3 tablespoons of cinnamon. (can i technically even call it "laced" at that amount? - i guess it's my blog, my rules, so i'm saying it was laced...kay?)

then i took pictures of my favorite dishes. do you think that is a strange thing to do? well, don't judge just yet. go here first, and then tell me if you still think it's such a crazy thing to do.

then, with the kids gone, and kort at the neighbor's, and the hubs downstairs repairing (and test-firing) paintball guns, i sat in the stillness for a moment and thought to myself..."you know what i could really use more of right now?" (have you guessed yet? if you guessed chocolate, you were so. right.) my first choice was chocolate chip cookies, but i only have half a stick of butter left in my fridge, and the recipe i use calls for two full sticks. boo. if i didn't look like death warmed over with my messy ponytail and 3 day old stretch pants covered in baby puke, i would have considered running over to reams (which is like, b.l.o.c.k.s. away) but, no. that was out of the question. blessedly, as i rummaged through the pantry, i managed to unearth a perfectly good (as in, "n.o.t. 2 years past the expiration date") package of brownies. (yay!)
i have to say, my favorite part of the day has been the part where big daddy scared the living pee out of both of the dogs with his infernal test shooting! with all of the popping and snapping, and sounds of air going "fisshhhhhhhhhkkk!" bubs and bells nearly lost their minds. as a result, it hasn't been enough for them to simply be "near" me today....oh no, no, no. they needed to be a.) under me or b.) on top of me! and due to the fact that i'm trying my darndest to keep a cute little womb nugget out of harm's way, they had to settle for "under." This meant that i had to guide them both up into the big red chair and sit. on. them. (you think i'm kidding? i'm totally not!) I perched my hiney right there on top of my dogs like a protective mother hen and watched oprah for the better part of an hour. (did you watch oprah today? i totally shouldn't have watched oprah today. every gory detail of the "jonestown massacre?" no thanks. i am pregnant for crying out loud! i'm having bat poo crazy dreams as it is, can you even imagine what they're going to be like now, with that whole nightmarish mess of "awful" up in my noggin now? oh brother, lola, what were you thinking?) Photobucket
so anyway, the "gunfire" in the basement got so bad, i couldn't even go to the bathroom by myself. i tried to shut the door behind me quickly, but miss bella kamakaze-d her nose right into the shrinking gap and forced her head into the bathroom. you'd better believe that bubbuh was hot on her heels and even went so far as to cram himself into the tiny, miniscule (and certainly NOT bubbuh-sized) space between the toilet and the bathtub where he was still able to have the secure feeling of being "under me" i relieved myself.

i was laughing so hard! you have to understand, these dogs normally d.r.e.a.d the bathroom. despise it. they associate it with bath...which is sort of okay, but in the winter, they know all too well that "bath" leads to "blow dryer" which is completely not at all okay. so, after i had um, peed (for the 33rd time today) i had to run and get my camera for a re-enactment! lo and behold, they bolted right back into their least favorite room in the house and planted. man i love these dogs.

none of this had much of a point, (and if you were reading all this way in the hopes that it did, i certainly do apologize) but today made me smile, and it occured to me that it may be a day i'd like to know... when i'm old, and my kids are grown, and bubbuh and bells have gone the way of all the earth and like, such as.

in closing, this is what i've been listening to today.
sure, mr. rice seems like a squirrely little fella now that i get a good look at him, but man can that boy sing. plus, some serious strings (mmmmmm), that girl's fabulous, smokey voice, and (in my opinion) the fairly sexy lyrics make this puppy a winner in my book. do enjoy.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Lola I love your ordinary day. Pretty plates and I'd like a corner piece of brownie please. Your pups are so cute , My Sophie follows me everywhere. Sometimes it's annoying but when she doesn't I'm asking my family where's Sophie! Have a wonderful day!Give Utah a big air smooch for me I miss it terribly.

* said...

Lovely and ordinary.

Barbaloot said...

Basically you just need to know that I LOVE Goose Girl. It's one of my most favorite books. Hope you like it:)

imemary said...

Pretty much I have always liked that song a lot.

Suki said...

:) Your day made me smile too. It was better than mine though and lady, I love that song!!!

Ashley Koz said...

Those pics of the dogs staring out the window I just love. Now can freakin spring just get here so we can take Beef and Bub uo Hobble

Tonia said...

I have been wanting to blog about my favorite sugar bowl for weeks now but couldn't figure out a way to do it without sounding crazy. I'm impressed that you found a way to do it :)

nmg said...

I just finished that book yesterday. Super fun! Now I need to get the other two that go along with it! A good book can always make me excited for "ordinary" days.

C Stevens said...

Loved the tunes.

Celeste said...

your next book assignment, should you choose to accept it is:
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. (plus there are dogs involved, it's amazing)I think we should actually do a swap when you're done with the goose girl, i've heard good things.
I totally miss having a puppy at my feet while I pee, you lucky-loo. I also love your tummy & want to rub it. Give it a lil rub for me ok?

Unknown said...

Your book looks SO good.
I love that you could rummage up some chocolate for your urge : )
and I LOVE your protective doggies!

jillmassage said...

I just finished the 4th book of that series last night! LOOOOOOOOVED it. love them!! and love you! let me know if you need the other 3 when you're done with that one-

Rachel said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, chocolate.