Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boy. (and yay!)

Last night, after our weekly temple/dinner date, (which is soooo wonderful, by the way!) my mom told me that she simply does not want to wait 2 more weeks to find out the gender of baby number two. I told her that if she would be so gracious as to sponsor the mall ultrasound bill, I would be more than happy to bring myself and my uterus to the appointment.

She said "Lets!"
And so we did! And it was great!

I polled a few friends and family before going in. Here were the votes:

The Hubs: Girl

Papo: Girl
Gaga: Girl
Cristi (sis-in-law): Girl
Rachelle (sis-in-law): Girl
My cousin Jen: Girl
Some of my best friends ever:
Me: Boy
Kortland: Boy
Ashley Siruno: Boy
My cousin Carlin: Boy

And the boys have it!!! - Well, not in numbers, but in accuracy...

(I've decided to spare my sweet little guy the eventual humiliation of plastering his lil' boy parts all over my blog for the world to see...well, that OR I'm just too lazy to photograph and upload them...yeah, okay, it's the second one, :)

I have to say - I was on the girl train for quite awhile there. The heartbeat was really fast, I have been way sicker this time around, and the pregnancy acne has been brutal! I thought with all these differences, the baby must be different this time around too. But then, the kicking began. And with every joyful, wonderful kick, I wanted to say "He's kicking!"

That's when my vote changed. I just felt like he was a...well, a HE!... and it turns out, I was right (and yes, I am wearing a rather smug smile as I say that.)

But I have to admit, Kortland knew better than all of us! This was how the conversation went as he ate a pizza slice (that was bigger than he was) in the mall food court just minutes before the ultrasound took place.

The hubs: So, buddy, what do you think it is?
Kort: It's a boy.
Papo: What if it's a girl?
Kort: It's not, because it's a boy.
The hubs: Will you be sad if it's a girl?
Kort: Yeah, but it's not. It's a boy.
Papo: What are you going to name it if it's a girl?
Kort: It's not a girl.
Papo: Okay, what are you going to name it if it's a boy?
Kort: Bob!

Sure enough, we saw a beautiful, healthy, yummy little boy whose profile looked so. much. like. Kort's did on his ultrasound photos it was amazing. I just laughed and laughed and smiled from ear to ear as Kort did a victory dance and chanted "Bob! Bob! Bob!" with both hands raised triumphantly in the air. And I wasn't at all surprised to see that Baby Bob was a wigglin'! Kort kept screaming "Oooo! Did you feel that mom? The baby just kicked you! I saw it!"

What a great day. I highly recommend taking excitable 6-year-olds to your ultrasounds. It is nothing short of awesome. The South Towne Mall has a big carousel in the food court - and really, what is a day filled with super-happy-crazy-joy without a having totally carnie moment via a carousel ride? (Answer: NOT quite as super-happy-crazy-joy-ish!) So he went for a ride with his gaga.

Tonight, as I was tucking him in, I said:
"How much fun did you have today?! ... getting to play with Evan... finding out that you have a baby brother... going on a carousel ride... and having dinner with gaga and papo?"

He sighed, as his gaze floated to the ceiling...then he said (rather emphatically)
Best. day. ever.

I couldn't agree more.

(Thank you Gaga and Papo - it meant the world to us that you made this special day possible. We love you!)


* said...

Ah send me some baby dust pleeeeeezzzee. I am so happy for you and hubby and Kortland.

I remember the feeling in my gut when the technician told us it was a boy. Beautiful photos as well.

Ashley said...

Yay for 2 boys in a row! I am a huge fan of that! ;) They will be the BEST of buddies!

Heather said...

YAAAYYY! Congratulations Dugovics! So exciting!!

Unknown said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! We are SOOO happy for you guys! We kind of like brothers! :0) I loved your post about the faith of little children!! I cried a little as you talked about Kort hurting as much as you did. You are such an amazing mother to recognize that and acknowledge it instead of brushing it off as just rowdy behavior. I am so lucky to have you as an example in my life!! This little guy couldn't have picked a better family to come to! I CAN'T wait to meet him and squeeze his beautiful little cheeks!! :) Love you!

Tezzie said...

A boy!!! Oh, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you and your family :D Are you really naming him Bob, though? If not, will Kort be very disappointed?...he's been 'right' so far! ;D

Suki said...

So happy for you :)
Congrats on the baby boy :)

Buckeroomama said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day!

Congrats on boy #2. Are you going with the name Bob now that Kort has already named him? :)

Anonymous said...

Can't explain how happy I am for you. To have watched you struggle for years through all the heartbreak and now to see your baby dreams come true is so fabulous! I love you girly.

Tonia said...

That's awesome! Jercie was the same way with my youngest. She just knew from the very beginning that she was getting a sister. After the ultrasound she said "I knew it!" Kids are awesome :)

Kristina P. said...

That's so exciting! I have always wanted boys, but I would be OK with a little girl too. :)

Unknown said...

Yea!! Boys are so much fun! I'm so glad your mom couldn't wait. Now we all get to share in the excitement a little early!

Blackwell said...

Well, let the shopping begin! It's so nice to finally know. I love the convo with Kort, it cracked me up. I swear kids just know those things. I guess I need to bring down your box of boy stuff when we come, even though we know dear Gaga will hook you up with all new stuff ;) looks like Lily will remain the diva for a little longer ;) Congratulations!

C Stevens said...

Hoot hoot! I love it! You looked hot/sexy at church today. Nothing like the average girl pregnant look. Work it girl.

Emilee said...

Congrats! I love having two boys- and Beau totally knew we were having a girl. When we were at the ultrasound and she told us it was a girl, Beau was just like "I told you mom". That's so exciting for you!

Jeff and Jessie said...

YAY! A Boy!! the only thing better than one boy is two boys, then three boys, then four boys...I'm not kidding either. Boys make me happy. But then I live with four of them...maybe I am a bit biased.

Rachel said...

Yay! Congrats, boys are fun! Your little guy is so cute, I love how they just know!

Harrison's said...

So first of all your mom is super cool. What a fun day you guys will always remember. So you mentioned some pregnancy ace....mine has been CRAZY (which by the way I see nothing of the sort in the photo shoot pics above). I don't remember anything this bad with Tayson. Have you found anything that has helped?

Harrison's said...

Just realized I put ace...not acne. I'm an idiot! Glad you knew what I meant =).