Thursday, January 7, 2010

tonight's goodnight 1.7.10


{Kortland James Dugovic and his good buddy Sitka in Ferron - September of 2003}

(as Kortland finishes his prayers)

Kortland: Mom, I did so good. I almost laughed once, but I stopped it before it came out!

(He has been having non-stop giggling attacks during his bedtime prayers and it has been driving us batty.)

Me: Thats SO GOOD bud, Heavenly Father is a really special person in our lives and we need to pray to him with reverence and respect.

Kortland: Yeah, you know what? Heavenly Father is even more important than Santa Clause!

Me: Yes, He is.

Kortland: I love Heavenly Father so much, that if I had to give away my DSi so He could live, I would.

Me: That is so nice bud.

Kortland: Yeah, I really love Heavenly Father.