Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily Photo 1.18.10


I am really loving Walmart’s new retro-ish design for their tuna cans. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will never love Walmart, but until some huge conglomerate sneakily sneaks in and takes them over, (a scenario I am praying for on an almost daily basis) I am still going to have to drop in from time to time and buy something (curse it all…) and in doing so, support their business (and loathing myself for it). But, as I was saying, I really like their tuna cans. Tuna fish seems to be one of the only things (alongside Café Rio salads, burritos, and soup) keeping me satisfied these days. Why must it be riddled with mercury? I can only eat it twice a week. Not loving that. Boo.

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Ashley Koz said...

Blasfamy! (I have no clue how you spell that) you shopped at wal-mart? curse you ;) ok I think you and me are in the same boat on this, I hate walmart and avoid it like the plague BUT I have a few staple items I get all the time, and walmart has them the absolute cheapest like not even close to anyone else and much as I hate it can't really justify buying them anywhere else damn it!!! ps I think we should get together at one of our houses and watch the miss America pageant on Jan 30th I think