Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Photo 1.13.10

Kortland is having trouble at school again. Not listening. Refusing to do his school work. Burping repeatedly (like, as in 30 times in a row) as he walks down the hall after finishing his keyboarding class in the computer lab. He is having a hard time. His mom (a.k.a. me) has been really sick. He always gets a little freaked out (and starts to act out) when his mom is really sick. Plus, changes are on the way. Yes, he organized a special family fast just to get a baby here, and he has prayed for a baby every single night for the past 2 years now, but still. Who knows what changes a new baby might bring? …You know, now that he really thinks about it. Kinda scary. So we’re working on it. He is grounded a lot. No friends. No T.V. No Nintendo Dsi. It’s pretty rough round these parts. But he got to help me make dinner… Sometimes a kid just needs a plastic produce knife and an unsuspecting red potato to take it out on… He’s also getting lots of hugs, more of my time, and made from scratch pancakes every morning (even if I feel like I’m going to throw up and die)…just in case any of that might help turn the tide… we shall see.


And don’t think the fact that he is 90% BLACKWELL has managed to slip my mind either. Did you know me or my brothers back in our hey day? Wow. Nuff said.


Wades said...

Wow! He did a pretty good job at cutting those potatoes! I'm impressed!!

Nisha said...

What a handsome little chef! As soon as he sees that sweet little sibbling, he'll melt and fall in love and all will be well again! Surely it's just anxiety.

Andrew said...

i love Kortland as much as an uncle can love a nephew, but sometimes a good old fashion swat on the butt or whoopin is all it takes! muah ha ha ha ha!!!!