Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kortland Speaking at Liza the Cat's Funeral.

You can read the post below for more details, but we lost our sweet (well, okay, sort of sweet) kitty, Liza, this morning when she was run over by a speeding car in front of our house. It has been a very sad day for all of us. After we'd buried her, Kortland suggested that we each say something nice about Liza for her funeral. We thought this was a great idea. I, however, couldn't speak, so it was left to Kyle and Kortland to honor our sassy Miss Liza. Here is what Kortland had to say.

And yes, I'm a big fat liar, I told him that the camera was turned off even though it wasn't and am subequently going to hell, but that's okay. Liza is possibly going to hell too, so I figure her favorite member of the Dugovic family (a.k.a yours truly) should probably keep her company...

I can't help but love hearing this sweet little voice trying to fight its way through a very tight little throat. It's so sad, but it's just so darn sweet as well. He is a bit uncomfortable expressing his feelings and he's fiddling with an acorn non-stop, and it's just precious!I love this boy with all my heart.


Laura said...

Oh, Laura!! I am so very sorry about your sweet Liza! Our little four legged, fury friends truly become part of our families and their presence is deeply missed when they leave us. Please let us know if we can do anything for you! I love you!

Sunny said...

Stopping by from Kristina P's blog. I am so sorry about your cat. :( The loss of a pet is always devastating, I would imagine even more so when it's sudden like that.

Your son is absolutely ADORABLE. Watching him in the video makes me excited to see how my own monkey will be in a few years when he graduates from toddler/preschooler into a little man.