Friday, October 9, 2009

Reflections about "Reflections" and Reflecting and such...

Winning vs growth

Kortland turned in his “Reflections” contest entry today, and I have to say, I am just so proud of him. It is so rewarding to see him working at something he really enjoys. I think he has a gift…but really, what parent doesn’t? I am willing to own my biases here. (But seriously, he is so great.) He turned this:


in at the office this morning, and when he got home from school, I asked about it to make sure that he remembered to turn it in. He is the most excitable, social child in the world, and when he gets within 20 feet of the school, his brain goes absolutely buzzy and he pretty much forgets to do anything and everything I tell him to do! So, this is how our convo went:

ME: Hi bud! Did you get your “Reflections” entry turned in this morning? (and yes, I made air quotes with my hands as I said it…okay, no I didn’t, but that would have been awesome though, right? I mean, you can imagine, right?)

KORTMEISTER: Yeah, but mom, it was really weird.

ME: Why? What was weird?

KORTMEISTER: I took it in and gave it to them, but they didn’t even tell me who the winner was!

Ahhhh ha ha ha ha! I then explained that they were just gathering all of the entries right now so that judges can look at them later and no one had won yet. He was pretty disappointed. Then, realizing how much importance he had placed upon winning, I said:

“But it really doesn’t matter if you win! The important thing is that you are one. amazing. photographer!”

He smiled from ear to ear and gave me a big hug, (cue Full House conclusion music) and we snuggled up together in the big red chair, and I went on to tell him that it didn’t matter who won, and that what really matters, is that this opportunity has given him a chance to put together an amazing piece of art (Eat your heart out Bob Sagat!).

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Nisa said...

I love it! He definitely takes after his mom in the talent category. (Love the sappy Full House references too!)

Barbaloot said...

Shut up-I can't believe you posted Full House on your blog! Love it-so much:)