Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Self:

The next time you think it would be a good idea to completely remodel Kortland's room (less than a week before school starts), and re-paint (very very very verrrrrry) red walls to make them white (Oi!) and also re-paint the bunk bed that you JUST repainted 6 months ago and use a PRIMER on it first.... think again!

A few thoughts/observations...
1. Primer is lame. Boo primer. I think I can say with total and complete confidence that I hate you.
2. An all-white room with white on white on white and small pops of bright color? Totally Kortland's idea. Who knew my kid was so European?
3. My body hurts all over. Every bone. Every muscle, and we still have a ton to do today.
4. I think, perhaps, that the amazing mix of 80s and early 90s hits that the hubs put on our ipod may have been the only thing that got us through. I love you Tiffany, Debbie, Cindi, Paula (yes, Abdul - "Straight Up" was pimp yo.) Hammer man, C and C Music Factory and whatever music group was behind the famed Rocky theme: "Eye of the Tiger." I love you all. Thanks for sticking it out with me. And let's not forget the King of Pop. Michael Jackson's early stuff is insane. It was so much fun to listen to. Did I mention that a little piece of me died when he passed away? Oh, I didn't? That's probably because it isn't true...but everyone else has been saying it, so I thought I'd jump on board. You know how I do.
5. As if all this painting wasn't enough, Kortland just spilled a bowl of yogurt and fresh blueberries all over his temporary couch bed, so I've stripped the bed (that I just set up last night) and doing a huge pile of laundry too. Now he's pulling a string out of the hide-a-bed mattress and exclaiming "Perfect! I needed some new line for my fishing pole!"
6. We are nowhere near done. Wish me luck. (and sanity. Wish me lots and lots of sanity)


Jen Nelson said...

I apologize for laughing at your pain. but really, my side hurts I laughed so hard!

Nisha said...

Wow lady... aren't you busy enough? You've got to add all these projects. Just kidding, you're one of my kind of breed. I get it :) Can't wait to see the before and after pics.

Celeste said...

yur nuts
i love you

Tasha said...

u better put before and after pics on here!!!