Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a conversation at 1:56 a.m.

The Hubs: I really like Curtis Stevens. He's a cool guy.
Lola: I really like Collette.
The Hubs: Why don't we hang out them more often? ...Oh wait, because we don't hang out with anyone!

(It's true, we're sort of heavy into the snuggling and eating milkshakes and um...snuggling thing lately.) Maybe Collette and Curtis will agree to meet us at the Art City Trolley for some dang quesadillas or something and help us end this reign of hermitism that has taken over our lives ;)

So then the, shifted.

The Hubs: I had the weirdest dream last night.
Lola: I betcha mine was weirder. (because I really thought it would be)
The Hubs: I doubt that.
Lola: Alright, let's hear it. We'll see. (start brushing my teeth.)
The Hubs: Shaquille O' Neal...

he doesn't get another word out before I spray toothpaste all over the bathroom sink. I don't know when I have ever laughed so hard. My sides hurt. I am surely now at risk for all sorts of toothpaste inhalation complications.

Lola: Okay, you win! (I say after I catch my breath.)

It turns out that good ol Shaq-Fu-Shut-Up-Liah (he leans on the Statue of Liberty when he gets knew that, right?) is a crazed cult leader who kidnaps grown men, stuffs them into dog kennels, feeds them horrible food, and tries to brainwash them so they'll do whatever he wants. Then, when they escape and he re-catches them again, he promises to be a nicer, gentler cult leader and he offers to give them the nicest rooms in his mansion and then feeds them cheeseburgers that are so delicious that they cry out of sheer joy and scrumdidlyumptiousness.

I dreamed that I trained/coached Monica (Jensen) Smith to do a beauty pageant but she was 8 months pregnant (a little Aubry representation thrown into the mix there?) so she wasn't taking it seriously and half way through her talent, she started goofing off and did some random stand up routine and everyone was laughing really hard, including me. I, however, had bouts of anger mixed in with my laughter because she was totally ruining her chances and all of my expert coaching was going down the drain. Hey, it's no egotistical cult leader turned hamburger chef extraordinaire...but I think it was reasonably weird!

Oh, and P.S. Kyle would like an interpretation please. What does it all mean? A little help here!


Chris White said...

That is funny because I had a dream today that I was in a plantation style house with an enormous yard and I was playing tag with all of the people from our high school reunion. Then Travis Tuttle tagged me "it" and I couldn't find anybody after that. Everybody left leaving me "it". It was really frustrating.

Ashley Koz said...

And ME and JARED, you guys should hang out with me and Jared, yes I think so

the Lola Letters said...

Chris: That IS really frustrating! Ha ha! I told my husband that maybe the class reunion wasn't such a good idea after all just for the mere fact that too many random people are popping up in my dreams these days!

Ashley: I AGREE! I also really wanna camp before school starts up (NEXT WEEK! eeesh!)but I don't think Kyle is going to have time...girl's camp out...yes?

Aubry Macbean said...

I had a random dream with several people from High school in it. I wont go into details but I will say it was a good thing Issac was there. I saved a puppy from being attacked by two foxes(inccedently at first the puppy was a rabbit) and then Issac had to fix the puppy up and everyone at the reunion voted to name the puppy Douglas.

Maybe you just need to take pics of me and my very pregnant belly and you wont have dreams about it any more:)