Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Winner! (Sorry I'm so late getting it posted!)

Hey everyone! I am so sorry it took so long to post the winner! Little did I know (or...remember) that I had to get up and six a.m. this morning (heaven help me) and spend the day freezing my cookies off all morning and then frying them off all afternoon in the mountains with a gaggle of Tiger Cubs! It was exhausting, but seeing Kort enjoy himself so thoroughly made it all worth it. This has to be my favorite image of the day. Where did I get this strange little hippie child who yearns to spend all day every day jammin' out in a tipi with a two dollar wooden flute? I don't have any idea...but I'm sure glad he's mine.

Anyway - it made me SICK to draw a name. One? Just one....? eesh. yuck. Hated that. There were so many wonderful entries, I just couldn't stand to do it. So I made the hubs do it. So it's his fault mmmkay? Just so we're clear.

and the winner is:
Shanna! (aka"SO")

Shanna and I don't really "know" each other (biblically or otherwise...), but we are "blog friends" and her site is always fun to visit and peruse. She's a really great blog friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Shanna wanted updated pics of her and her hubs (yay!) She said they don't even have great wedding pictures - so I am VERY excited to get these two lovebirds in my lens! Can't wait.

As for the rest of you? Boo. I'm so sad that I won't be getting to know you better! No fun. But, I'm told that $50.00 is an absolute steal for a full photo session WITH a CD of ALL OF YOUR IMAGES... so, if you want to schedule a session, I would love it!

Thanks for visiting and entering! Be sure and visit Through Lola's Lens regularly for new offers, promotions and pictures of really, really, ridiculously good looking people. ...and the answer to your question is: Yes, adults are welcome to have tutu photo shoots too. (Okay, no one actually ASKED me that, but I know you were all thinking it.)


Kristina P. said...


But yay for Shanna! I just had lunch with her on Tuesday. She is well deserving.

Mandy said...

Yay for Shanna, boo for me.

I will be scheduling a photo shoot when i get my 'allowance'... I am spending all of June and July this weekend... SORRY! :)

SO said...

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I can't even believe it!!

I haven't had a chance to get on the computer much because Ty and I were up in SLC enjoying our anniversary! So WOOT! WOOT!!

What do I need to do to schedule with you?? I can't wait!!