Thursday, July 2, 2009

this morning's conversation:

KORT: Hey mom, can I go over to Kimball and Connor's to show them this bug I caught? It's a tiny baby ladybug.

(it was actually a tiny, black beetle bug, but who am I to argue with an expert?)

ME: Yeah that's fine bud, but you have to come right back when you're done.

KORT: Deal. (turns to leave) Wait, can you open the door for me?

(it's still dead-bolted first thing in the morning, and man he hates getting all the way down the stairs only to find that he's locked in.)

ME: Sure.

(We go downstairs and I open the door.)

ME: I mean it, bud, only to Kimball and Connor's and then back home again. Okay?

KORT: I promise.

ME: Okay. I'm going to leave the door open so I can hear you, okay?

KORT: Okay. That way I can come back in whenever I want.

ME: Yep.

KORT: And mom, if you hear me scream, that means a stranger's taking me, okay?

ME: Okay.
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