Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Conversation:

this time via text message and such...

My Beautiful (and Pregnant) Cousin Jen: "Last night I dreamt you were pregnant, except I had to go back in time, steal a book out of a library floor, and get a building named after you, but it worked! ha ha ha!"

Me: "Ahhhh ha ha ha! You are such a great cousin to do all those nice things just so I can get pregnant!"

My beautiful (and Pregnant) Cousin Jen: "I do what I can. I seriously woke up laughing! So I guess all we need is a time machine! lol!"

Me: "Yes, get on that would you?"

My Beautiful (and Pregnant) Cousin Jen:
"I already googled and downloaded some different prototypes. Waiting on the uranium from Russia and the kidnapped scientist to show up. Whatever it takes babe!"

Me: "Yaaaay! I am going ot have to blog this now, you know that, right?"

My Beautiful (and Pregnant) Cousin Jen: "Ha ha ha ha! Yes! Why didn't I think of that?"

I heart her.
The end.


SO said...

Your cousin is awesome.

Jen Nelson said...

Gotta love those pregnant dreams!!