Saturday, June 27, 2009


remember these photos? well, this was their reception, and it was so much fun to photograph. about 2 minutes after they set the tables in a beautiful backyard in mapleton, there was a clap of thunder and guessed it. a torrential downpour! everything was drenched. d.r.e.n.c.h.e.d. i tell ya! it was awful...but, upon further inspection, it was wonderful too. i couldn't help but enjoy capturing the chaotic, and very wet moments that this beautiful couple will be laughing about on their honeymoon and fondly telling their grandchildren about at their 60th wedding anniversary. all of it just felt... special...from the wrinkled tablecloths to the hurricane vases filled with rainwater. even more special were the 20 or so people who were rushing all over the yard wiping, and dumping, and cleaning, and re-arranging all for the love of this couple. the food was beautiful, the setting was gorgeous, and there were plenty of wonderful characters to capture in my lens. here are just a few of my favorites. (and yes, i really like could you tell?)


flower girl * bridesmaids

beautiful girl,
smitten groom,
and heroic shop vac (er)
love was seriously in the air.


Kristina P. said...

Beautiful! Her dress is gorgeous.

Jen Nelson said...


You are like, scary talented. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

Jessica Johnson said...

The best was earlier in the day when Garrett was using the shop vac on the grass! Hahaha. You are amazing. These pictures are amazing. You are not only an incredible photographer but you were so much fun to be around, I really appreciate you being there for us. Thanks a million!