Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lola hits the mountains (Part 3)

Tin Foil Dinners.

Kort got to help Celeste's Dad (Elias)
build the fire to cook our tin foil dinners.
He was so excited,
I thought he might spontaneously combust...
thankfully, he just talked Eli's ear off,
turned over every log in sight (looking for bugs)
and threw way too many logs,
and sticks,
and twigs,
onto the fire.

Nothing like enjoying the fruits of your own labor.

Bubbuh would have liked to enjoy those fruits as well.
(and don't worry, he eventually did.)
Miss Sawyer, very focused on the foil-wrapped delicacies...
hamburger, potatoes, carrots, and cream of mushroom soup. Mmmmm.


Kristina P. said...

I love foil dinners. I love slicing a banana down the middle, filling it with chocolate chips, marshmallows, etc., wrapping it in foil, and putting that on the fire. Delicious!

the Lola Letters said...

Stop. it. right. now!

I've never thought/heard/dreamed of something so delightful!

excuse me while I go build a fire in my backyard...

Celeste said...

why on earth didn't we know about this divine concoction before??? I guess we have to go again.