Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good day.

When I got up this morning, I decided to put on a maxi dress with a tiny, cable-knit cardigan, a huge, hulking, heaping helping of too many (and too bright) bead necklaces topped off with (or should I say "bottomed off with"?) my favorite worn out leather sandals that my sis-in-law (Nancy) bought for me while in Mexico a few years ago...

But then I thought better of it.

I thought:
"I'm going to get dirty and pull weeds, and build flower boxes, and roll in the grass with the dogs, and cook, and clean (dirty clean) and I simply can't justify wearing a maxi dress and too, too much jewelry today."

So I pulled on some comfortable cocoa colored capri's and my "go to" (and very Martha-esque) pink, button-down shirt instead.

Then Kort came running in from the front yard, begging to go to the snow cone stand on main street (because that's where the neighbor kids were going right this very minute)!

...and I couldn't think of one good reason for denying his request. Besides, an icy-cool, much too syrupy dose of Tiger's Blood sounded just like the sort of thing I should be consuming on this, the second official day of summer... so off we went.

Then I decided to drop by the local hardware store to look at paint samples. P.S. I'm repainting my entire house - "But wait," (you may say) "didn't you like, JUST do that a little while ago?" Yep, sure did, and it's been fun, and I still like the old paint okay, but I'm ready for something new, and fresh, and bold...so here we go again!

Kort and I spent a good thirty minutes picking out paint (and eating sno-cones). He got to pick a new color for his room (blue, of course). His room is a deep, cherry red right now, and it was oh such a pain to get it that color! But I'm tired of it, and so is he, so onward and upward we go. Light Blue and Orange...here we come!

Then I wandered into the gardening section (a bank account kiss of death for Miss Lola Dugovic-eesh) But I was delightfully restrained. I picked up:

8 tomato plants ($3.00 total) to plant in large pots on my back porch
(no full-sized garden this year, thank heaven)

1 potted ivy plant ($1.00 total)
(that will hopefully climb up and arch around my front door)

and 3 house plants ($1.99 each)
(2 for the master bedroom and 1 for the front entry way)

2 solid hours later, we returned home and Kort went to play in the backyard while I proceeded to...
sit in our big red chair with 2 large, yummy dogs, eat a bowl full of cherries, and look at paint samples and home decor magazines for hours on end.

Sure glad I wore my work clothes.
Shopping and leisure can be downright exhausting.


Kristina P. said...

Maybe I should buy tomato plants. I wonder if I would not kill them.

Oh, and my birthday was in May, so next year, sister!

Olivia said...

Amen, Sister! Although I was half hoping you'd post a picture of that huge, hulking, heaping helping of too many (and too bright) bead necklaces.