Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aspen Grove.

i'm having mixed feelings...

i'm excited to:
attend awesome seminars
have breakfast, lunch, and dinner
provided for me for a whole week
watch my sexy hubs play some seriously
awesome tennis
have kort having fun in his "group" for the week
have fun with the hubs while
kort is in his "group" during the week
spend countless hours chatting at the craft cabin
while working for hours on end to create hideous
leather bracelets that I would never (ever) dream of wearing
and ceramic figurines that I'd never display in my home,
but that make me incredibly happy
while i'm creating them.
visit with family
eat. (did i already mention the eating?)
be in nature
watch kort play trampoline basketball
play in wallyball tournaments
watch with complete and utter
satisfaction as my son
enjoys the EXACT same experiences
i enjoyed as a child
sit back and reminisce about my torrid,
12-year-old love affair with joey-something-or-other
from michigan so many years ago.
(sorry hubs, joey and i made a lot of
super-special summer camp memories that week.
memories that are not easily shrugged off and forgotten
when all is said and done.)
from holding hands and smooching down by the fish pond,
to defending joey's life (west side story style yo!)
when my thug cousins wanted to beat his face in
(this was, of course, to defend my honor
and NOT because they were pre-adolescent turds
who were looking for absolutely any reason to start trouble
in the whitebread mormon-y mountain heaven
that is BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp)
to when joey something-or-other from michigan
played "unchained melody"
at the talent show and dedicated it to me.
that's right, to lil' ole me.
(oh be still my heart)
gotta hand it to ya joey,
you were the only musician that ever
managed to make me swoon. go you.
i'm not looking forward to:
leaving the dogs.
i wish wish wish they could come along,
but i know they will be in good hands.
it didn't help that i watched
marely & me
and bawled like a son of a gun while packing all morning
what am i, a complete and total idiot?
answer: yep.
moving on...
this week's mission?
help you see
and experience
and love
aspen grove
as much as i do
(and always have)

talk to you all very soon!


Kristina P. said...

I haven't been to Aspen Grove for years, but it was so fun! You will have a great time.

Natalie Murray said...

I have never been there...sounds like a ton of fun!