Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Berfday Weeeeeesa!

10 things i love about weesa.
1. she's smokin' hot. (obviously)
2. she cares about her family and friends fiercely. don't mess with her peeps. (for real.)
3. she is an amazing nurturer. (G and G are some very lucky boys indeed.)
4. she has simple, chic, and pretty much insanely fabulous style. i love taking fashion cues from her.
5. she is a marathon shopper! she wears that tile at nordy's out! still, to this day, the betsey johnson earrings she got me for my berfday a few years back are my favorites. she has a great talent for reading people and knowing just what they would love (and not love...and everything in between.)
6. she is as neurotic, crazy, and over-analyze-y as i am, so she is a great person to call at midnight and fret with for an hour. she understands me, doesn't think i'm a lame-o, and always knows just the right things to say.
7. i love her blog. which i would link you to, but she just delelted it for the 12th time (which makes me want to step on her face a little bit...but also makes me laugh and just love her quirky, impulsive nature!) if i could be so bold as to hypothesize a reason for why she does this, my guess would be that her genius needs expression, however, she can only take so much of having prying eyes reading her every thought. she is a very social, fabulous, but private girl and she needs breaks every once in a while! (good luck to the guy that wants to steal her heart. i know he's out there, and i know he's great, but man has he got his work cut out for him!)
8. she is funny! and an amazing writer.
9. she shares my insane cpk addiction and is always down to meet up for some sun dried tomato fussili and cpk cobb salad with blue cheese!
10. her heart is the size of texas. (actually, she could give texas a run for its money....she's outta control.)

Oh, and she's smokin' hot.
Did I mention that she's smokin hot?

Happy Berfday Wees.


Anonymous said...

Whatever! That Lisa girl is a nut case and she's freaking old. Like, 29! And she isn't even married or anything. Ew. What is wrong with her?!

(Okay, Laura made me sound way more fabulous than I am. I'm not worthy of this post and honestly the only way I know how to respond to praise/adoration is by being self deprecating. Sorry Lo, I'll have to work on that. Love you back! Dinner tonight=so fun! THANK YOU. XOXO)

Anonymous said...

P.s may have to steal these pics too. You somehow managed to make me look cute in them.

Nisa said...

What is cpk?

Nice tribute to your friend! :)

the Lola Letters said...

Nisa -
Hey lovie! CPK is California Pizza Kitchen, and it is yummy! Do you have them back east?

Weesa- ha ha! I'm glad you don't HATE the pics! I am always scared to pos pics of you because I know you don't like it! so, phew!

Jen Nelson said...

Awwww! Pretty sure I heart Lisa too!! And yes, you are that fabulous! Happy birthday lovva!

Ashley Koz said...