Friday, May 22, 2009

a child's prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
i’m thankful I could have a good day today.
i’m thankful that I could be done with kindergarten forever and ever.
i’m thankful that we got to see ducks in the road but they didn’t get hit by cars.
i’m thankful that I could go to jumping jacks tomorrow
(he says this every night – power of positive thinking …?)
bless mommy
bless daddy
bless andrade
(battling cancer)
bless nancy (beat cancer – woo-hoo! but kort wants to make sure that it stays beat, dang it!)
bless jill (just found out that she’ll be battling cancer and we love her so much and she is getting a "super-special kortland prayer" every night from here on out)
bless raleigh (grandpa jim’s ”minn pinn” puppy who got spayed last week. nahma was really worried that they’d give her too much anesthesia and kill her off, so kort decided he’d better pray for her…she’s fine now, but he has no interest in removing her from his prayer list)
bless that i could go to jumping jacks tomorrow (you know, just for good measure)
and i’m thankful that denali is moving here to springville in just. 9. more. days…
in the name of Jesus Christ,

(...He is really, really excited.)

(Trae, Kortland, and Denali)

Now we just need to get the Trae-meister back to Utah, and the gang will be all set to party this summer!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

oh. my. gosh. i. can. NOT. wait!!!

And yes, hopefully Casey, Nikki & fam will be joining us REAL soon!!!

P.S. CUTE picture! Can't believe that was 3 years ago!!!