Sunday, March 1, 2009

sick sunday. (and a phenomenal movie review, if i do say so myself.)

i was really sick today.
weak and shaky and sick.
isn't it funny how our bodies tell us to slow down
in oh so many ways
every day
all the time
but we just don't listen
until our bodies make us listen?

well, mine is making me
and i sort of love it
(i mean, kind of...
in a weird, if only i didn't feel so "ick"sort of way...)

i slept for most of the day,
ate healthy things when i thought i could stomach them,
and snuggled in bed with the hubs and dog number three.
(lil' miss raleigh, who isn't taking to her potty training. eesh.)

i relished the few times when kort would pay me a visit and say:
"mom, do you need a snuggle?"
"yes, bubs," i would reply,
"that is just what i need right now."
then i would enjoy the sensation of cold, little toes
burrowing into my warm, sock covered arches,
and listening to made-up stories about a young adventurer
named "wortland flash blades."
his clear, bright-blue eyes searched the ceiling
and sparked every now and then
with creative inspiration and new found yarns
to weave.

the hubs and i even watched a movie.
a whole movie.
the whole thing from beginning to end.
too bad it wasn't amazing,
or even good for that matter.
"the day the world stood still?"
seriously people.

here's the review:
jennifer connolly is insanely, naturally beautiful
and i wish she could clinch a seriously fabulous movie roll already.
it's been awhile since the last one.
(hellooo, can anyone say "labrynth?" only the awesomest show like, ever.)

will smith's son (jaden, is it?) is a really great little actor
and keanu reeves is the acting equivalent of a stump.
a mossy one
alone in the forest
where normally everyone is fortunate enough to avoid it all together.
as for the story line... what story line?
oooo aliens think we are ruining the planet so they've come to obliterate us...
and 60 minutes of boring, irrational special effects later:
"there is humanity here
but only a shred of it, and this is determined
in spite of the fact that the evil u.s. government
still tried to blow up alien-keanu, jen connelly, AND her darling son
just 5 minutes before the movie ended."
i guess alien-keanu just assumed that luring them to a bomb-ridden central park and trying to blow them to smithereens was actually the government's way of showing that they were capable of peace, goodness, and change.
therefore, alien-keanu jumped in the magic bubble,
told it to stop trying to destroy the earth,
and headed back up into outer space.
makes complete sense.

can anyone say
"the day the world stood still" now featuring world renown, debut screen writer al gore?

still ...
i got to snuggle with the hubs
in a pile of feathers and clean sheets
and watch a whole movie
beginning to end.
so at least there's that.


Janyece said...

A whole movie? Wow! I haven't, but I think it's been my own choice more than anything. I haven't found one that's held my attention for a 2 hour period lately.

Ooh! Labyrinth! That just don't make movies like they used to! (Don't you just love how we're saying all those things our parents said to us despite the fact that we said we never would? Maybe it's just me, but the irony kills me.)

Snuggles are good, but being sick isn't! Get better soon, but keep the snuggles!

Anonymous said...

BLASPHEMY! Have you seen Bill and Ted? Keanu was robbed. ROBBED!!!
Actually I love Keanu so so much but the only movie I like him in is "The Lake House". He also made one hell of an abusive redneck in "The Gift" Give those a try.
Little factoid: "The Gift" is based on Billy Bob Thornton's mom.
Another factoid: Keanu made like 100 million of "The Matrix" trilogy so he doesn't have to be good.
Plus he's pretty.

Aubry Macbean said...

Isn't there a old movie, I mean black and white old called "the day the earth stood still."? Pretty sure my mother-in-law has it I think I will check the next time I am up at their house.

Becca said...

I'm sorry that your body made you slow down. Actually, I'm not. After the week you just had, you needed a good break. It sounds like you react to things just like body let's me push it to its limits and beyond and it just waits for the current task/crisis/dilemma to be over and then.....CRASH! But at least you got to enjoy moments of being sick.
And on an unrelated not, I am so glad I got to meet you and that I got to help a tiny bit with the love swap. It was a really great experience and I hope that I can join in on the next one. Congratulations on a job well done!

Becca said...

And did I mention...I LOVE the way you write!