Friday, February 20, 2009

the thing about Lisa...

Kay, so I went out to dinner and a movie with Lisa, Ash, and Jen last night and it was so great! I do not get out and do things with girlfriends like I should. It's so good for my soul, I swear - sheesh. We went and saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and I thought it was really cute. I haven't read the book series, but my friends who have read them said that they totally deviated from the original storyline (just to give avid book fans a heads up) but my friends still enjoyed the movie.

I love films that are visual, fashion "eye-candy" through and through, and that is exactly what this movie was.

loved the clothes

loved the colors

loved. loved. loved. Isla Fisher's hair... work it girl. Okay, I also love her face, voice, body, acting, and pretty much everything about her. Okay, fine, I'm in love with her. There. Are you happy?

anyway, a good time was had by all. Afterward, Lisa had a car full of Love Swap donations for me (Yay! Thanks to all of the GTU girls who donated great clothes for the swap!) and she also got a few bags of hangers for the swap as well. (yay again!) So, here's where it gets good: She loads the donations from the GTU girls into my car, then hands me a really cute, blue shirt and says,
"This is from me, so keep it separate from the GTU stuff."
One shirt.
She was donating one shirt to the swap.

Now, some of you may be thinking:
"What a cheap, stingy little harlot!"
but you should feel bad about being so judgemental (unless that's one of your New Year's Resolutions, of course - in that case, pat yourself on the back...Kristina.)

Lisa only donated one shirt because it was all she had! This girl is a modern day monk, which, if you know anything about me, you'll know that a monk is #3 on my list of what I want to be when I grow up (right after #1 Dolphin Trainer at Sea World and #2 Broadway Superstar) so basically, I worship Lisa. She is such a minimalist. She loves clothes, but she's the type of person who goes to her closet and is positively haunted by any and all objects she has no intention of wearing ever again. It is so funny, and I want to be more like her. She gives and gives and gives and makes room for fresh, new good to come into her life and I love that about her. Why be bogged down by all of the needless "stuff" in our lives when we can purge and re-circulate it and find it a home where said object will be well used and well loved? I know, right?

Can anyone else relate to the total high you get after cleaning out a huge closet and donating 75% of the unwanted junk that was in there? Ahhhh, it's like breathing for the first time in months. So nice.

Now, I'm not telling you this because I am trying to manipulate you into cleaning out your closets and donating to the Love Swap...cause I'm totally not. (Okay, I am a little, but I don't want junk...I just want the good stuff) I'm telling you this because I just thought you should all know that my friend Lisa is kinda awesome... and also because I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I imagine myself traveling the world with nothing but a change of clothes, a credit card, and a water bottle... My closet has a long way to go before I reach that state of awesomeness, but I'm gonna keep working at it.

A picture of my Weesa. So what if she has an insatiable appetite for baby cheeks?

...don't we all?

Also, some things that made me happy this morning:

1. kicking and punching to the amped up tunes of the following:
"Shot through the heart and you're to blame, you give loooove a bad name!"
or as Kortland likes to sing it: "Shock-a-la-ha! and you're to blame..."
"Sweet Emotion"
"I like big butts and I cannot lie, you otha brothas can't de-ny..."
a lot of other old school rock deliciousness (which excludes I like big the way).

2. my protein shake.

3.taking Jim's darling birthday present (a Min Pin puppy) out to "go potty potty!" (yes, that makes me happy - I'm weird. Get with the program.)