Monday, January 26, 2009

new love

i think i'm in love...

i stumbled upon this delightful gem of an establishment whilst traveling with the girls through st. george on our way to "Miss America" in Las Vegas. We met one of the Mrs. Utah U.S. contestants here and had lunch together. Thanks to Christina for the fantastic suggestion, and thanks to Joey and everyone at 25 Main for an amazing dining experience. i wanted to move my belongings into a corner booth and never set foot outside this place again! i thought you all might want to know about it, being that it's delicious and fun with interiors that are total and complete eye candy and such... if you're planning on having a st. george weekend any time soon, i think you should stop in. make sure sure you say hello to me when you do. i'll be the brunette curled up in a sleeping bag in the corner booth reading Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca" for the hundredth time and eating way too many cupcakes. okay, so they probably won't let me move in, but a girl can dream, right?

their front window.
anyone up for a big, heaping helping of charming?

anyone who has a cupcake schedule hanging on their wall is alright by me.


we had a really great time and the food was delicious.
and most importantly...

(my salad.)
oh, and for all you blue cheese snobs out there
(of which i am one)
their b.c. is to die.
to die, people.

why... is that fresh, creamy, strawberry frosting
atop that beautiful, moist-yet-fluffy cupcake?
(you may ask)
why, yes...(i say) indeed it is.


Jeremy & Andrea said...

holy cuteness! Someday or maybe another lifetime I would love nothing more than to open a cupcake shoppe and have adorable interior as such.

Jensen Family said...

hey!!!! I haven't seen you in about forever! How are you? I hope everything is going great! It's so fun to find people, I love your blog! Check mine out (sorry I don't update very often!!) You are just gorgeous!! Hope you are happy and wonderful!!

Janyece said...

I love Rebecca! I can't say I've read it a hundred times, but it is a great book!

What a great find! The food looks delicious and the decor as well!

Ashley said...

mmmmmmm... cupcakes sound DELISH! I may be going to St. George in April... I'll have to check this place out!

Kristina P. said...

My grandparents live outside of St. George, and we ate here the last time we were there. Delicious!


That is the cutest stinkin place EVER!! Looks great time I am in St George..I know where to go :)

Natalie Murray said...

Soooo sad that I didn't go down the whole week but soooo glad we had sooo much fun!!!! Let's do it again! Soon! It was way too short for me! Love ya girlie!!!

Ashley Koz said...

I want that salad right this second

Celeste said...

let it be said (by a complete cake snob) that this place is yes, adorable, food excellent, cupcakes excellent, frosting for said cuppies? not so much. I asked them if they used buttercream or a powdered sugar based frosting (you know, the yucky kind that gives you a headache and makes your teeth feel like they are wearing a cheap sweater?) and the guy was like yeah, it's real buttercream with powdered sugar. uh... no, actually, that's the definition of NOT real buttercream. grrrrr. if you want cupcakes, go to vanilla bakeshop in LA, I have yet to find a proper cupcake shop in Utah. there is my cupcake rant. i love you!

the Lola Letters said...

Sorry Celeste, you're on your own there. I brought a big box to my entire family and we all died and went to heaven! I guess I don't the difference and what not, but my tongue was happy happy happy for days, and the strawberry frosting is so zesty and fresh....mmm I just love it!

Love you too though.
Cake snob.

Nikki said...

Ok I want one of those cupcakes!!

Olivia said...

Thanks for finding and sharing this place. I love places that not only offer deelish menus, but a beautiful scenery as well. I'll be stopping by soon.

Love the pictures!

The Browns said...

That place looks really good! I was just reading through your blog & your most recent post about your hubby is so sweet. What a touching post! :)