Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I think that most parents love Christmas because they get to experience all of their own wonderful "those were the good ole days" memories through the eyes of their children. This was one of those moments for me. This is my childhood train set. Sure, its engine is tired, and the tracks don't hook together all that smoothly anymore (causing more derailments than I care to think/talk about at the present moment) but it was all made shiny and new again when I saw it through the eyes of my five year old son. Isn't parenthood wonderful?
childhood train set.
Every kid that came to our house automatically did this!
What is it with children and wreckage?
(insert sinister/evil/maniacal laugh here.)
Hey folks, don't be fooled by
the nicely tailored powder pink suit and sensible shoes
(delightfully complimented by a matching handbag,I might add)....
Hiding beneath that classy exterior
is a buxom, wanna-be damsel in distress
jeeeeust w.a.i.t.i.n.g to be tied to those tracks.
Dignified Business Man and The Conductor.
Sure, they seem nice enough...then again,
the villains always do...at first anyway...
Ohp, would ya lookie there,
what did I tell ya?
They just can't help themselves!
Second nature at its finest.
Oh for the love of Christmas Joy.


Janyece said...

Oh! I have a confession! I have always wanted a train around the Christmas tree!! That's awesome! I can just see my boys down there wreaking havoc. You've got to love the mischievous smile!

I think you're right about that classy woman. She is so begging to be tied to those tracks.

bird on the lawn said...

Janyece! "begging to be tied to those tracks!" he he.

I love how the boys have their chins on their fists...

nancy said...

They look like they are plotting their train wreckage. And then how happy they are once it was done. What is the saying.....?...Boys will be boys. I have always hated that, but is is sooooo true. Girls would have put barbies in the train for a nice ride.

Kristina P. said...

The boys are adorable!

Have a very merry Christmas!