Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh...I'm in trouble. BIG trouble.

Me: Bud, you still haven't told me what you're going to ask Santa to bring you for Christmas. It's coming up really soon and you need to tell me what you're going to ask for.
Kortland: You'll see.
Me: What? What do you mean?
Kortland: You'll see what he brings me on Christmas morning.
Me: (freaking out inside my head) But, you have to write a letter asking for what you want and send it to the North Pole...
Kortland: I'm not writing a letter. It's Santa, he already knows everything, so he already knows what I want!
Me: Well, just tell me what you want so that I know what you're asking him for.
Kortland: No, I want you to be surprised. You'll find out on Christmas.

I. am. in. so. much. trouble!


Kristina P. said...

Hahaha! This is too funny! I wish Santa the best of luck.

Katie--the amazing one, not your other friend named Katie. She's amazing, too, but not the same Katie as me-- said...

You'll get it out of him. Maybe he'll tell his Uncle Trevor, or Drew or Bryan.
Or maybe you can turn it into a bet of some sort. Have him write down his predictions for what everyone will get Christmas morning. Have Kyle or one of your brothers do the same. The lists will be kept in a "safe place" (after you view them of course) until Christmas so no one can change them. Whomever gets the most right on Christmas morning gets some type of prize (the first piece of pie, the chance to throw a snowball at the loser, or something to easy to arrange--without costing more money).

Ashley Koz said...

lol.... what do you do?


oh man thats a hard one. you have 10 days to get it out of him :) He is such a cutie, Brian and I always get a laugh from the conversations you post !

Also can you send me your address to my email... Its

Nisha said...

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! You might want to explain the difference between Heavenly Father and Santa. Santa, even though extra special is human and he can't read thoughts. He only knows what people tell him.

Janyece said...

Oh my! You need a third party spy to pry it out of him! GRANDMA!!!