Saturday, December 20, 2008 far

I decided (quite some time ago) to use my blog as a vehicle not only for keeping in touch with the people I love, but also for scrap booking and journal keeping, so if you find that I'm posting a lot of things that aren't particularly funny or amazing or anything that you might care about in the least...feel free to skip it! I just love blogging (and am sick to death of scrap booking) so I'm going to have my blog printed and bound each year and keep it as my scrapbook/journal in one! So, here is a list of things I would like to remember from far:
The dogs really, really missed us when we went to St. George for SEVEN days. This chair is TINY - it was so funny that these two 60/80 pounders managed to squish into it with me! They were just REALLY eager to have a snuggle.
Bella's super-happy-tail can be lethal for Christmas ornaments.

Kortland did a really great job telling his favorite story to his class.
He recited "There's a Nightmare in My Closet"
and he remembered every part.

If his face looks bizarrely shiny, that's because he has Neosporin smeared all over it! The kid will not stop licking his poor little chapped lips!
We went to watch my Mom sing with the Choir of the Singing Mormons of the Tabernacle in the city of Salt Lake. (That's what we like to call them anyways...something like that...) Trevor even brought along a special lady-friend named Hoolia (Julia), and do you wanna know what I have to say about that? Yay for hot brunettes! My brothers are always going for (and eventually marrying) the hot blond types, and I'm getting seriously outnumbered here! (Not that blond is bad by any means...but it tends to communicate that I was such a crappy, homely sister that it made my brothers want to marry someone as opposite from me as possible...okay, now that I write and read this, I think I've actually decided that it's better that my brothers aren't creepy and wanting to hook up with someone who looks and acts just like their sister... I'm confused. Are you confused? Let's just move on.) Hoolia is way cute and fun and it was very, very nice to get to know her over Pastrami Burgers and Hot Chocolate! (Crown Burger is just DIVINE...)
Ahhhh, my brothers:
Living proof that hot chicks dig the funny.
...and you wonder where they get it from.
P.S. Doesn't Crown Burger have the most glamorous interiors like, ever? ;)
We took Kort to see Santa yesterday and he had a great time!
He officially asked for the Crayola Glow Station when he sat on his lap
- so YAY! No more surprises for us. Set in stone baby!

I'm kind of a Santa Snob...but I really liked this Santa - Kort really liked him too. (If you look closely at the two pictures, you'll see that he was totally holding Santa's hand! So cute.)

They also had a train going around the Santa area and that just made Kort's day!

Dude, Merry Christmas to Merchelle! Drew got this darling new "baby" (Yorkie-Shi Tsu mix) for Rachelle's Christmas present this year, but they had pre-existing plans to go to California with Rachelle's family over the holidays! Drew, knowing that we already run a ZOO down here, asked if we could watch her while they're gone. I, of course, didn't have to even think about it! She's so, so cute and fun. (poops and tinkles like a son of a gun, but other than that...) I figured they would probably miss her pretty bad, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures so they could see how she's doing.

She loves Kyle's UGG slippers! It is SO FUNNY to watch her haulin' around the house with a shoe that's bigger than she is!

SUCH a little ankle-biter!


Kristina P. said...

Crown Burger is delicious!

And that puppy is adorable! I need one right now.

Celeste said...

I am also a Santa snob & that one looks lovely, is that a real beard? Love him! And that puppy needs a good swift kick, my tolerance level for small dogs is iddy biddy. Just kidding, I'm sure she is lovely. I do love it when people ask me to watch un-potty trained dogs though. Geez, I sound a bit bitter. Time for night-night I guess!

Janyece said...

Ha ha! Love the pics of the dogs. How did you manage to all fit in that chair?

I have to say that Santa is one of the best looking I've seen! I can totally get behind your Santa snobbishness! ;)

Dugovic Domain said...

Kristina - I know, right?!
Celeste- Ahhh ha ha ha ha! We need to do lunch - like, tomorrow, it seems that we are very much in the same "spirit" these days! The puppy really is so stinking cute, but it's funny - I am SERIOUSLY a "big dog" person! If Kyle granted me the option of getting another dog (which, by the way, would be totally gross and out of the question based on the size of our current home) I would totally get a German Shepherd! Next on the list would be a New Foundland. (They only weigh about 200 pounds or so... no big deal, right?) Ha ha! Now all of you can see why Kyle needs to make Bajillions of dollars in the near future. I need a ranch and a large home (to properly distribute dog smelliness) and two or three full-time people to clean it. (Ya know, so we don't become "those people" know the ones. The ones whose clothes are covered with hair and smell a bit like urine...oh, and they usually have a dream catcher hanging from their rear view mirror...) Yeah, gonna try an keep it from getting "that bad" but I'm not making any promises.
Janyece- ha ha! I know! I always talked everybody's ears off when I was little, and now Kort has that mastered as well! I really am in trouble...

Celeste said...

Freaking speak of the devil!!! I am coming to Ikea sometime this week, preferably tomorrow. Can you meet in the middle for some lingonberry jam and meatballs? I'm not even kidding, c'mon, we always talk about it, let's make it happen. Geez, I'm glad I came back to see if you commented on my comment. I love that you went on for like a paragraph about "those people". Don't worry, about that, you're too cute to ever be "those people". Please comment on my blog or email me like immediately or something so we can plan.
Love you! Also, send me your phone number, I forgot to put it in my phone & it has since disappeared.

Jen Nelson said...

Dang them! Now I want a puppy! and I so do not want a puppy! Does that even make sense?
She is a cuttie but I like my shoes without little teethmarks in them. And I'd rather get new carpet..

I'll keep an eye on you and not let you become 'those people'!

Dugovic Domain said...

Celeste- yay! That would be great!

Jen - Thanks babe, but I was actually sort of counting on you being one of my crazy cat lady roommates ;)