Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks Drew.

Have you been wondering what Kortland's Lifetouch portrait will look like when he's, oh-I don't know, a sophomore in High School?

Well, now you know.

Special thanks to Uncle Drew ...and Lifetouch Portait Studios. (of course)


Kristina P. said...

OK, that picture is slightly creepy.

I graduated in '98. I went to Provo High for the first half of my freshman year, and then we moved to Springville, and I just didn't want to switch schools.

My brother graduated from Springville High in '96. When did your husband graduate?

Kristina P. said...

OK, I'm on crack. I graduted in '96 and my brother graduated in '98.

Heather said...


nancy said...

Awe man, I thought YOU were using your mad photoshop skills. Soon grasshopper, soon!