Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 4

I'm thankful...

1...for SWAP Parties! I had so so so much fun at a swap party that my friends Ash and Kass put on tonight! I got my closet cleaned out, found way too many cute new things to put back in it, and enjoyed delicious food and great conversation. (I also fell down some stairs into a plant, dropped a chunk of pineapple down my shirt, and hit myself in the face with a shoe....don't ask.) A good time was had by all. (probably more so for those NOT falling into plants, dropping pineapple down shirts and hitting themselves in the face with shoes...but if I had an amazing time, you can imagine how good it must have been for everyone else!) On the bright-side, I got all of my embarrassing, ridiculous accidents out the the way for the coming year. Nice.
2...for Lifetouch Portrait Studio and their amazing work creating creative, life-changing portraiture. (read below for details.)
3...For great inlaws and great family. I love Kyle's parents and sisters so much. They are such good friends to me, and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Nancy is always there for me when I need someone to go shopping with me, or watch Kort, or give us medical advice. And Kortland's Aunt LeeAnn (who lives way out in Chicago) always manages to find ways to show him that she cares and thinks about him in spite of the thousands of miles that stand between them. They are awesome examples to me and I am definitely grateful that they are mine!

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Ashley Koz said...

I can't stop replaying your awesome fall over and over AND OVER again in my mind and randomly laughing out loud all alone in my house with just my dog and cats around. Kass and I also realized last night you were the only person there that was not a family member lol