Monday, November 3, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 3

I'm thankful...

1...for the temple. Kyle and I went together this morning, and I am always amazed at the peace and joy that I feel when I am there. I am still in awe of the stories that are shared about saints around the world who sell everything they have and travel for days on end in less than pleasant conditions just so that they can partake of and recieve temple blessings. Many have made great personal sacrifices in the name of temple work and temple attendance, and I am so grateful that I can go so easily and so often. I am trying to remember be sincerely grateful for those blessings and never take them for granted. (because I sometimes do...) laptop/blogging community yo! I love being able to take my writing and blogging and emailing with me everywhere I go. I have checked in with a ton of my friends' blogs today and have laughed and cried and had a few profound moments of realization as well. I love that we can all be connected this way. I also think that we are more able to express feelings or struggles in the pages of our blogs that we may not normally bring up during a lunch conversation, but still need to get off our chests when we're sitting in our offices alone on those longs nights when sleep refuses to come. ward. I have the most ridiculously amazing ward on the planet. I can honestly say I love every person in it. I love going to church, I love attending ward dinners and activities, I love everything about it. It's just so nice to feel like you're part of a happy, functional, 300 person family. I don't know how we'd ever move!


Jen Nelson said...

This is giving me warm fuzzies! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I would so steal this idea if I had a blog... oh yeah I was going to get one of those!

I am thankful for my cousin Lola.


Dugovic Domain said...

Yeah, Jen - get on it! Geez!