Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 12

I'm thankful...

1...for Ash. She totally braved a "UVU open mic night" with me so I could listen to one of my classmates read his short story memoir stuff. (which was awesome) Ash is such a good friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is currently in the market for a shiny new friend. She is kind, reliable, level-headed, fair-minded, deep, fun, and really smokin' hot to boot! No really, she is one of my kindred spirits for sure. She loves her son sooo much and is a fellow hypnobirthing mama, so we've connected in that way as well. As I write this, it makes me think of all the amazing friends that I have - and should be bragging about - so watch out ya'll! You might be next.

2...for old movies. Funny Girl, My Fair Lady, Gandhi, Pillow Talk, Rebecca, Sabrina... you name it! I have recently discovered my local library's VIDEO section and it is yummy. (Books? Who needs books? ...kidding) There's just something about Audrey Hepburn that makes a rainy crafting day extra special.

3...for my little family's good health. We really are quite healthy, and have been for a very long time. Kort has had swollen lymph-nodes the last couple of days (which, he has never had before). I researched it on-line and it said it could be anything from a minor infection to a serious infection to cancer. Me?...worried? No, not at all - completely TERRIFIED would be more accurate. I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow to have him checked out. I'm sure it's nothing, but reading the on-line diagnosis and pondering on the nightmare that would lie ahead of us if Kort was diagnosed with some sort of cancer made me instantly grateful for the health we have taken for granted all these years. Like I said, I'm pretty sure the lymph-node thing is normal, but it's always good to have a wake up call to help you to have greater appreciation for the time you have together and the healthy bodies that allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

You should watch "How To steal a Million" It's my favorite A.H. movie ever and her wardrobe in it is amazing. I want to steal all of it!
Sounds like open-mic was fun. I'm sorry I missed it. I was just soooo tired after a very long day of retail :( I came home at 5pm and crashed.

Ashley Koz said...

awwwwhhhh I might shed a tear, that was really sweet