Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kort's ARTWORK is doing nothing for my self esteem.

Kyle let me sleep in the other morning, and when I woke up and came out of our bedroom, this little beauty was waiting for me (gift wrapped and all) in front of the door.
It is sooo stinkin' cute! He wrote the note all by himself, and for those of you who don't yet speak 5 year old genius, I'll translate:
"Mom, this is so you in this airplane."
Ahhh ha ha ha! Oh man, I love it! (and can I just say I'm feeling a little bit prideful about his comprehensive use of phonetic language? ;)But here's where it got even better. He started pointing to the different features such as the propeller, the wings, and finally me in the tiny window. He said
"But I couldn't fit your whole big fat body in the airplane so I had to draw you smaller."
Kyle and I could not stop laughing!
and then there's this...

I also love this picture he brought home from school. He draws pig noses on everybody these days, so I tried not to take it personally ;)


Heather Ryan said...

Love it! wow- he is genius, that's great writing!! I'll bet his Kindergarten teacher uses him as her aid- am I right? So cute, I love all the sweet drawings moms get, I wish I had the room to store them all!

Jen Nelson said...

I am laughing my guts out! The kid is really a genius! It must totally run in the family!

I think his portrait of you is dead sexy ;)

Marissa said...

I'm actually laughing out loud.