Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Peanut!

My baby is five today!
I honestly can't believe it! Kyle and I spent last evening looking through his baby pictures and I decided to blog them so all of our friends and family can see how far he's come. It made me so happy to think back on the overwhelming thoughts and feelings we experienced on the day of his birth. At 39 weeks, I went in for my check up and they found that my stomach had shrunk 2 centimeters. This sent up a red flag, so they immediatley took me in for an ultrasound and found that his cord was failing. We were so worried and so scared that after 9 months of anticipation, we could leave the hospital empty-handed -

as you already know, our story had a 5 pound 15 ounce happy ending named Kortland, and we honestly have not taken a day for granted since. I love this shot of him sleeping in the sunshine trying to get the yellow out! I obviously also love pretty much every picture I've ever taken of him (as evidenced by the gratuitous slew of pictures posted to this blog!)
I just wanted to say
happy birthday peanut!
We are so happy you're ours.
Paint monster
He "watched" a lot of football with his Papo and Uncles
when he was a little peanut!
Meeting Papo for the first time.
Hanging with daddy on his Blessing Day
September 7, 2003

Kort and Sitka
Two of Papo's favorite things

(as you all know, I'm a Halloween nut - so here are a few of the costume pics I could find!)
Dinosaur and Punk Rocker
With his friends at Pumpkin Festivus
Bat Girl, Bat Boy and Batman
Karate Kid - at Jack and Grace's Halloween Party
Skeleton - Trick or Treating with Denali and Tyson

Kortland's Blessing Day
Back from one of his many walks in Ferron with Papo
Eating Watermelon on the Fourth of July
My all-time favorite picture of Daddy and Kort.
He was just studying Kyle - taking it all in.
"Watching" football with Uncle Trevor. Kortland was born just a few weeks before Trev left on his mission, so Trevor made an extra effort to spend as much time with his little buddy (who he called Dug-Dug) as he could before leaving. He would show up at our house, take the kid in his arms and plant himself on the couch for hours at a time. It was the most precious thing ever and it meant the world to me that my parents and brothers and sister (in-law) Nancy showed him so much love. I also have some amazing pictures of Kortland with his Uncle Drew (who was on his mission at the time of Kort's birth) but I cannot find the CD that has them! Sad, I know, now my blog will only have 2,000 pictures.

Oh yummy little naked peanut!
Me and my bubs.
Papo came around A LOT too!


The Three Amigos!
These kiddies were born 8 days apart! It was such a huge blessing to go through my pregnancy with someone as amazing as Kristen! "Babies" were all we talked about -which would have driven any normal person crazy (and understandably so!) So we were lucky to have each other. WE personally didn't think it was at all wierd to sit around her living room all day eating whatever delicious goodies she had baked that day and looking at maternity/baby/nursery/gadget catalogs and taking turns reading about "what our babies were doing this week" (i.e. growing fingernails, losing the creepy little tail thingy, you know the drill - most of you now have a box that shows all that stuff right on your own lil' blogs these days!) Anyway - good times.

Should I put R. Kelly's "I Believe I can Fly" song on my page to give these pictures added effect? Would that move you? I don't know, I'm pretty sure it would make me throw up a little in my mouth, but I could give it a try if some of you might fancy that sort of thing.
Hello eyelashes
Mmmmm Superior Dairy Icecream in Fres to the hizzzzzno!
Grammy and Papa - meeting Kort for the first time.
Can you say "Two of the most amazing people to ever walk the earth?"
Yeah, I say it a lot. Like, every time their names come up :)
I love dressing my white-bread kid up like a hoodlum. Sorry.

Jeeuuuuuuuust in case you didn't notice how cute it was the first time.

Kort's 2nd Berfday.
Paint Monster Part Deux
Swimming at Garden Park
Spazzing out on the couch

Visiting Daddy's old stomping grounds on the outskirts of Fresno.
I'm sure Kortland will remember it fondly.
I love his little ski-slope nose.

I took these pictures for our Pumpkin Festivus Invitation one year. He is such a poser.
Kort and Papo at "the beautifullest water" (as he liked to call it). This is one of his favorite places to visit in Ferron. (It's the stream outlet at the bottom of Milsite - freaking freezing, but full of golfing treasures...)
Fourth of July
He was such a ham during the

Karate Kid Demonstration
Somebody had a liiiittle too much candy during Pumkin Festivus

I think I might win the prize for longest blog post EVER - so sorry, but I got a little carried away.
Hope we see all of ya'll this Saturday for the Party!
Happy Berfday Bubba!


Jen Nelson said...

Aww! No way can he be five! I refuse to let it happen! I loved the picture overload! How freaking cute are you preggo?? I still remember the first time I snuggled him at the hospital! Love that freaking kid! Happy Berfday Kort!!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah i love all of your pictures!!!!! had to have taken you forever to post them all... haha he's so stinkin' cute!!! and yes such a poser... haha but it's a good thing considering it seems like his mommy ALWAYS has a camera in her hand!! haha (oh and i agree that your grandparents might just be some of the most amazing people to have walked the planet...)

Natasha Ireland said...

Ohhhh MY GOSH! Thank you for posting all those pics. I enjoyed EVERYONE of them. He is THE CUTEST thing. Love him and PS those pics of you and him w/ your long hair and his hoodie....A.Mazing. Your smoking hot.

Ashley said...

I feel so honored to be able to say that I've read and looked at the longest blog EVERRRR! haha! So cute! It seems like just yesterday that we visited you in the hospital after Kort was born! How time flies... One question... how on earth did you have the patience to upload all of those pics! I get impatient just uploading 5 pics! haha Cute Post. Love the little guy!

Nikki said...

What a cute blog! I really enjoyed looking at all the adorable pictures! You are such a great photographer!!

Heather Ryan said...

We loved all your pictures of Kortland- Alli and I. What a cute Mom and what a blessed little boy to have such wonderful parents. You're great!

Ashley said...

Waiting to see pics of his 5th birthday party!!! ;-)

The Moody's said...

He is such a darling little boy! Those pics are so fun .I think its funny that you call him your little peanut. I have called Kenadie that since she was the size of a peanut. :)

Monica said...

Where does the time go? Before we know it they will be heading off to junior high. Scary huh?

Josh and Emily said...

Way cute boy! My oldest just turned 5 on Sunday. It was a hard day for me! Is he going to school this year?

Linds said...

Love the cute. It made me want to cry a little. I'm blogging now if you want to check it out. I'm still a beginner

Michele said...

You have such a beautiful family!
You take the most beautiful pictures too.

Shannan and Josh said...

This is the cutest little honorary blog for your little mans birthday. You totally got me baby hungry now. Those little pictures of him are so adorable. It must be crazy seeing him now as a big boy. WOw, time flys by so fast. I loved all the pictures you posted too. I am gonna be like you and take 10 million pictures. Pictures tell all stories. Hey and when are we getting together again? Hopefully soon, it's been way to long.