Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Too Many posts're going to overwhelm your blogging community." - Kyle Dugovic

For the Birthday Girls...
Like it says...
Happy Birthday Sharese and Clara!
Sharese is so amazing! Look at this darling cake she made for Clara.
All of the kids at the party loved it and couldn't wait to get their hands on it.
They all called "dibs" on Elmo's eyes and nose,
Kort got a chunk of nose and was thrilled!

The Berfday Girls


Clara opening Kortland's Gifts.
He gave her a...

"My Little Pony"

and a purse full of pretties!

Duck Pond with Dad

(If you look at the water's surface in this picture,
you'll see a couple of fish coming up for the bread as well -
Kort enjoyed feeding the fish as much as the ducks.
There was a HUGE fish that jumped up every once
in a while and he would get so excited!)

Painting Party

We had a Painting Party at our house with a couple of friends!
I set up a few different stations with different activities and we had a great time!

Painting with Jamison and Clara

Look closely at what Kort's friend Jamison painted!
It looks like a lady in a dress and hat with her scarf blowing in the wind...
Crazy! Kyle saw it on the mural later and was like
"Who painted that?!"
Maybe he's a brilliant genius painter child.
We thought it was pretty cool.

Dude, that's a GIGANTIC Strawberry!
It was a FUN Party.

So...the other day, Kort was out playing in
the backyard while I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes.
I heard him calling to me,
so I went out to see what he needed and this is what I found!
He had totally gotten stuck like this and was calling for help!
(and like any caring, considerate mother,
I left him hanging there while I found my camera!!)
It was so cute! It HAD to be documented!

LOVE my LiFe!

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Natasha Ireland said...

Your the best mom. Your my hero.