Thursday, May 8, 2008


New Kids on The Block

I have been meaning to write about this for awhile now,
but who (besides my own lil' self) is soooooo excited
that the New Kids on the Block are making a comeback?
(Insert girly-12-year-old scream here)
I LOVED growing up in the 80's!
Unfortunately, I was born too late to fully capitalize
on all of the amazing high waisted-acid wash-torn up-denim jeans
and other delicious plastic, florescent, and/or lacey fashions
that my small town's high schoolers enjoyed so thoroughly,
but I must say I DID love the music!
Other generations before us had The Beatles and The Osmonds...
and we ended up with NKOTB... but it was wonderful while it lasted!
I remember saving up my allowance so that I could
buy any and all NKOTB merchandise at my school's book fair.
I had posters, and stickers, and "tell all" books about their favorite foods, colors,
and what "their idea of a perfect date would be,"
and saving my allowance wasn't easy -mind you-
since Swedish Fish and other delectable penny candies
were practically screaming my name from the local drugstore
each Saturday when those 2 whole allowance dollars hit my pocket!
I remember sleepovers with friends who had the latest and greatest
"New Kids" pillowcases and pajamas...
Loved it! So I just wanted to say YAY and I want to hear your super sweet
80's memories if you feel up to sharing them - write them in the comment
section of this entry!
Tell me about your favorite clothes,
accessories, boy bands... what have you ; )


Scott and Jillian said...

Are they really coming back?! This post made me smile.

Best stuff of the 80s...
* the cartoons and kid shows, like Fraggle Rock, Today's Special, Smurf's and Rainbow Brite
* slap bracelets
* jelly shoes
* side ponytails/ banana clips

Natasha Ireland said...

Please Please Please can we go to this concert together. No loved Joey like I DID. I still have the barbie of him. NO JOKE.

Brandon Justice said...

Isn't it funny how we grow up so fast? I hear you got married to a lawyer and have 3 kids, good for you. Nice talking with you.
James Justice