Thursday, May 22, 2008

May has been Busy!

Race for the Cure!

We were all extremely excited to go to Salt Lake City and Race for the Cure this year in Celebration of Nancy's triumphant battle with Breast Cancer! She was diagnosed last fall, and it has been a long hard road for her and her family. We are so grateful that she is finished with her Chemo and Radiation treatments and feeling better every day. She had an amazing, positive attitude throughout this incredibly overwhemling trial and I just wanted to say
Yay Nancy!
We are so proud of you!
Looking through these pictures from May 10th made me cry all over again when I thought of the journey this has been not only for Nancy, but also for everyone who loves her doesn't know what they would do without her!
Above: Nancy with her husband Michael and Vaughn (in the backpack)
Beth and Kenzie
Everyone in our family (including the guys) wore pink-camo bandanas,
but when I tried to put Kort's on, he said
"No! It'll make me look like a girl"
We assured him that all of the guys - even daddy - would be wearing them and that he didn't "look like a girl" but he insisted that he would. Well, sure enough - the "Build a Bear" mascot showed up and scooped Kort up in his arms and one of the "Build a Bear" employees handed a gift bag to Kyle and said: "Here, this is for her." (meaning Kortland)
Oh, you should've seen the look Kortland gave his dad! ha ha!

I loved their tags, Michael's (Nancy's husband) said "I race in celebration of my bald, beautiful wife" and Vaughn's said "I race in celebration of My mom" with a picture of Vaughn with his mom

I loved her tag.
Me, Kyle and Kort
Royce's tag
What an awesome day...
Yay Nancy!
And all cancer survivors!
Teacher Appreciation

Kortland had his last day at Hobble Creek Learning Center's Preschool today, and we have had such a wonderful experience working with them over the past year! I wanted to say thank you to Kort's teachers (he had three who all worked together throughout the week - and he loved them all) but I didn't know what to give them. Then I thought I would make a bracelet for each of them, THEN realized that it would mean a lot more to them if Kort made the bracelets for them - so that's what we did! It was really great! I gave him and assortment of crystal, metal and white beads (so they would "match" no matter HOW he decided to string them) then when he was done with each one, I added the clasps and voila! Really simple, heartfelt thank you's from the Kortmeister himself! I packaged them in little jewelry bags from our business with personalized "Thank You" tags and a little hand-written note from Kortland folded inside of the tops. His teachers loved them, and he felt really proud that he had made them "all by himself."

Welcome to the Family
We arrived in Cedar Hills to celebrate Mother's Day with my family, and good ole Uncle Drew was there with a little, furry, nameless friend. Kort freaked when he saw him! Drew said that he was moving to Ferron for the summer and didn't want to take it with him and that we could adopt him if we wanted to. Kyle was less than thrilled, but Kortland and I were both stoked! I had a hamster when I was little and I really loved the experience. So, Drew told Kortland that he could choose a name for him and right away Kort said
"I know!" then walked over and whispered in my ear:
"How 'bout Hamstery!?"
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Love it! It's going to be a sad day when he wants to name a pet something traditional! For now, we're really enjoying the funny, obvious nature of his choices!
His cousins Zach and Lindsay are sharing in the wonder and awe of Kortland's hamster adoption. Look at that face - he is stoked!
Hamstery is a quick (that's how he got his middle name) and anti-social little bugger, so when Kort wanted to play with him, I had to take extra precautions. I put Hamstry in a big tupperware container, then put both Kort and the container in the tub! I guess it worked since we don't currently have a mystery rodent roaming wild and free throughout our home.

Introducing: Hamstery Flash Dugovic

Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to ME! Kyle always knows just what to get!
(and NO, I am not a rabid Hannah Montana fan, I just think that
27 year old me + this T- shirt = Hilarious!)

Mom singing to Jack Jack
Look at that face! Uh! So delicious!
He sat with her like this for hours! So cute!
He looks so stressed - but I promise he was just way zen!
He loves his Auntie Lola - I just know it ;)

Papo with Madi and Jack.
How gorgeous are those kids? Geez!

Kort and Papo having a snuggle before we head for home.

Mapleton City has a really fun "Baseball Parade" at the start of the season. Here is Kort with his team in his coach's truck. They were all chanting: "Mar-in-ers Num-ber-one! Mar-in-ers Num-ber-one!" Pretty much awesome... pretty much.

The big game
He didn't love playing at his game all that much... okay, he HATED it! Which is sad, cause he's really good at baseball. He's the youngest kid on the team and he can hit the ball (coach pitch) on the first throw! It's crazy! But he just wants to play in the dirt and find bugs in the weeds outside the dugout...oh well!

This is Kort's definition of outfielding:
Making dirt piles and finding "cool rocks"
Hammin' it up on his way to first base.

Practice makes Perfect...
Or, really really bored and insubordinate!

This is what he would do during his ENTIRE baseball practice if I would let him- Drop sticks and rocks into a metal grate by the field!
Alphabet Pancakes
Kort called me into the living one morning while he was eating breakfast. He pointed to his pancake and said " Look! G!"
He had accidentally made a letter G as he ate his pancake.
I thought it was funny that he noticed.
Art City School Fair
We took Kort to the Art City School Fundraiser and he had a great time.
Kort with our cute neighbor Addie
He definitely has a thing for older women.

The blow up rides were awesome.

Rock Climbing Wall


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