Thursday, May 1, 2008


Kyle and Kortland went to get their hair cut today, and afterward, Kyle saw a car for sale on the side of the road, so he stopped to see how much they were asking. (We've been looking to buy a car for...well, FOREVER now!) when he got back in the car,
Kort asked "How much was it?" and Kyle told him "$21,000" and Kort said,
"Wow, that' a lot of money... I know! -Let's get all of the money in my elephant piggy bank and then we can buy it! I know there are 21,000 pennies in there!"
Kyle explained that it took 100 penies to make $1 and that we needed 21,000 dollars to buy the car, but Kyle's explaination failed to deter him. He said "Let's just ask the mail-lady to put more bills in our mailbox. Then we'll have lots of bills!" Kyle asked him where he had heard about "bills" and he told him he saw it on the TV show "Little Bear." He said
"But Little Bear's Mommy doesn't like bills - she's silly -
who doesn't like bills!?"

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Shannan and Josh said...

Kort is so dang cute. They dropped by yesterday and I got play tickle monster with him. You got a dang cute little guy there and I hope you know that Josh just loves Kyle too. So when are you coming over for dinner and games?